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  • Reader Spotlight: Gabriel Vilches

    Reader Spotlight: Gabriel Vilches

    Gabriel Vilches’s father took him to see KISS when Gabriel was fifteen years old. The next day, he began playing the bass, and he hasn’t stopped yet. We love his story. Bio: I’m a bass player, composer and producer of Argentina, who loves music. I started playing in rock bands in my hometown, La Plata,... »

  • Seven-String Metal: An Interview with Danny Hauser

    Seven-String Metal: An Interview with Danny Hauser

    As the bass guitar has evolved, players have become more and more adept at making technically difficult passages sound musical. That goes especially for proponents of extended range basses, and Veil of Maya’s Danny Hauser is one of those players. Hailing from Northern Virginia, Hauser lays down the low (and high) end on a seven-string... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Tim Carey

    Reader Spotlight: Tim Carey

    For Tim Carey, getting picked up late from school ended one day being a defining musical moment. It was the day he became a bass player. He’s done a lot since then, as you’ll see in this Spotlight… Bio: I started on alto saxophone in the 4th grade. When my mom was late picking me... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Jon Hallam

    Reader Spotlight: Jon Hallam

    Meet Jon Hallam, a bassist who I believe has the funniest “sex, drugs and rock and roll” stories in history. Joking aside, Jon is doing the serious work of a bassist, who found his calling after dropping the guitar. Here’s his story. Bio: I started quite late on – when I was 17, one of... »

  • Rise to Power: An Interview with Don Slater

    Rise to Power: An Interview with Don Slater

    You know you’re doing something right when metal mainstay Kirk Windstein is singing your praises, and that’s precisely the case for Don Slater of Battlecross. The bassist brings an intense energy to the stage every night with a unique voice on his instrument. Battlecross is now gearing up to release , a 10-song collection that... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Esat Ekincioglu

    Reader Spotlight: Esat Ekincioglu

    Meet Esat Ekincioglu, a bassist who has what I think might be performing with the longest list of bands I’ve seen here. He’s equally versatile too. Esat is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight, and here’s his story. Bio: I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1990 and picked up the bass guitar... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Christian Stenrøjl

    Reader Spotlight: Christian Stenrøjl

    Christian Stenrøjl is not just another gigging bass player. He’s going way above and beyond with the goal of curing people with the bass – through music therapy. We’re thrilled to share his story as this week’s Reader Spotlight. Bio: I am 21 years old, and I’ll be studying Music Therapy at Aalborg University this... »

  • Things You Can’t See: An Interview with Chris Wyse

    Things You Can’t See: An Interview with Chris Wyse

    Bassist Chris Wyse is having a big year. After a decade-long stint with The Cult, he has left their ranks to lay down the low end for the Ace Frehley Band full-time. If that’s not enough, his trio Owl has just released their third album, entitled . The six-song collection features Wyse’s thick bass tone... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Con Maikantis

    Reader Spotlight: Con Maikantis

    Meet Con Maikantis, a bassist who started out on keys at a young age, making the switch thanks to an opportunity to join his father in a band. Con is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of July 27, 2015. Here’s his story. Bio: I started playing keyboards at the age of... »

  • Revolución: An Interview with Marco Mendoza

    Revolución: An Interview with Marco Mendoza

    Many bassists are lucky to find success with a single band. Marco Mendoza, on the other hand, has found it with several. His resume includes stints with Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Blue Murder, Bill Ward, and many more. Now he’s joined fellow veteran musicians in The Dead Daisies, a band that hearkens back to... »