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  • Reader Spotlight: Pim Meester

    Reader Spotlight: Pim Meester

    Meet Pim Meester, a bassist, teacher and student living in The Netherlands. Pim has a great story to tell, and anyone who lists Juan Nelson as an influence is big in my book. His gear list is pretty special too. Here’s his story… Bio: I’m a 21 year old Dutch bass player. I play in... »

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  • Entheos: An Interview with Evan Brewer

    Entheos: An Interview with Evan Brewer

    After dropping their Primal EP last year, Entheos is returning with their full-length release The Infinite Nothing on April 1st. The band – comprised of singer Chaney Crabb, guitarist Malcolm Pugh, drummer Navene Koperweis and bass wizard Evan Brewer – have spent the year refining their sound in the studio and on the road. Brewer’s... »

  • In Memoriam: James Jamerson, Jr.

    In Memoriam: James Jamerson, Jr.

    Very sad news to report today: James Jamerson, Jr. has passed away at the age of 58. A cause of death has not been announced, though he had been ill for some time. Jamerson followed in the footsteps of his father, the legendary Motown studio musician, as a bassist. In fact, much of his childhood... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Simone Croes

    Reader Spotlight: Simone Croes

    Meet Simone Croes, a bassist from Holland who tells us she holds the distinction of being the first female bass guitarist to graduate from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Simone is busy working on her debut album now. Here’s her story… Bio: I’m a bass guitar player from Amsterdam, Europe. I’ve played in several bands and... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Lee Presgrave

    Reader Spotlight: Lee Presgrave

    Meet Lee Presgrave, a man who has a really important day job. But by night, he’s a self-described “aging rock star”. Lee is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: I started playing bass in 1985 when I bought a Yamaha BB300 from a local music store. I still have... »

  • Back To The Funkture: An Interview With Alissia Benveniste

    Back To The Funkture: An Interview With Alissia Benveniste

    Alissia Benveniste has been turning heads with her fresh take on classic funk for a few years, starting with a viral hit of the video for her song “Let It Out”, but now she’s stepped it up by releasing her debut EP. Back to the Funkture is a six-song, feel-good album tied together by catchy... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Jason Everett

    Reader Spotlight: Jason Everett

    Meet Jason Everett, a multi-instrumentalist who plays some pretty interesting basses. He also describes his music as “odd-metered, ethnically-inspired, groove oriented, and eclectic” – and we think the combo is fantastic. Jason is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: Jason Everett (aka Mister E) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Graham Drew

    Reader Spotlight: Graham Drew

    Meet Graham Drew, bassist with one very cool day job. Graham also has not one, but two answers to our “Superpower” question, which makes him even cooler to us. Here’s his story… Bio: I started playing bass at the age of 13, starting out in a school band. After spending several years into my early/mid... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Sean Carey

    Reader Spotlight: Sean Carey

    Meet Sean Carey, a bassist who credits both metal and jazz bassists as his influences, and studies and plays both genres (among other things). Sean is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: Sean is a highly-motivated musician with experience performing in various bands and ensembles. Sean has been learning... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Zack Cramp

    Reader Spotlight: Zack Cramp

    When Zack Cramp submitted his story to us, it didn’t take me long to decide to share it. I mean, any one who loves bass and vinyl as much as he does is solid in my books. Zack lives and works in both categories (and enjoys a few of my other favorite things). Here’s his... »