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  • Reader Spotlight: Declan Miers

    Reader Spotlight: Declan Miers

    Meet Declan Miers, a young bassist who has been playing music from a very early age. He has a great story, and one of my favorite parts is the beginning, when he “picked up [his] dad’s 1975 Rickenbacker 4001 and got to work.” At just 14 years of age, Declan is doing work beyond his... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Mike Montgomery

    Reader Spotlight: Mike Montgomery

    Mike Montgomery first heard Stanley Clarke’s I Wanna Play For You and soon after heard Weather Report’s Heavy Weather (with Jaco Pastorius). That was all it took for him to want to switch from clarinet to bass. After a 15 year break from music, he stared up again. Mike is No Treble’s reader in the... »

  • Stories Behind the Songs: Chuck Berghofer

    Stories Behind the Songs: Chuck Berghofer

    As a member of the Wrecking Crew, Chuck Berghofer helped change the sound of popular music. His big, warm bass sound has laid the foundation for artists from A to Z with recordings by Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Christina Aguilera, Frank Zappa, The Beach Boys, Diana Krall, Robbie Williams, and more. It has also set... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Jared Lees

    Reader Spotlight: Jared Lees

    Meet Jared Lees, a 2nd generation bassist who credits his dad first in his list of influences, followed by Jaco. Jared is a bass player’s bass player, and he’s also the No Treble reader in the spotlight for the week of April 20, 2015. Bio: I’ve been a side man for most of my career,... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Sean Geist

    Reader Spotlight: Sean Geist

    While in the earlier part of his life, Sean Geist knew his dad was a bass player, but he didn’t exactly know what that meant. Fast forward to middle school, a band was formed without a bass player. Sean decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps, and the rest is history. Sean is No Treble’s... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Steven Harrison

    Reader Spotlight: Steven Harrison

    Steven Harrison brings us one of the more unique stories of this series. A long-time bassist, Steven doesn’t actually own a bass today (thanks to a series of life events). But he’s getting back into it. And that makes for one exciting story to us. Steven is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Lyndsey Torrez

    Reader Spotlight: Lyndsey Torrez

    We’ve featured more than a few readers here who have super cool parents. Add Lyndsey Torrez to the list (thanks to his dad). Lyndsey is the No Treble reader in the spotlight for the week of March 30th, 2015. Bio: I hail from Austin, TX but live in College Station, TX. I have spent a... »

  • In Memoriam: Scott Clendenin

    In Memoriam: Scott Clendenin

    Scott Clendenin, who played bass with Death, has passed away at the age of 47. A cause of death has not been released, though former band manager Eric Greif stated he had been facing health challenges. Clendenin joined the band in 1996 and was featured on 1998’s The Sound of Perseverance. The bassist continued with... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Johannes Ossi

    Reader Spotlight: Johannes Ossi

    Meet Johannes Ossi, one of many bassists who started out first on guitar, before finding his love with the lower end of the spectrum. Johannes keeps busy with a post-grunge band, and thinks of bass in the way many would say is the mark of a true bassist. He’s the No Treble reader in the... »

  • Hammer and Tongs: An Interview with Frankie Poullain

    Hammer and Tongs: An Interview with Frankie Poullain

    Nearly three years after their last release, over-the-top rock band The Darkness has announced that their fourth album, Last of Our Kind, will be dropping on June 1st. The record sees the band return in epic fashion with ten new songs filled with tales of battle, love, and struggle. Of course, the whole album is... »