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  • Reader Spotlight: Mario Sangermano

    Reader Spotlight: Mario Sangermano

    Meet Mario Sangermano, our player in the spotlight for April 27, 2010. Bio: I started playing electric bass at age 11, and he played in many high school neighborhood bands, performing rock and jazz. I studied theory with my grandfather who was a professional violinist in Italy, and later studied Jazz and Commercial Music at... »

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  • Reader Spotlight: Jon Wolske

    Reader Spotlight: Jon Wolske

    Meet Jon Wolske, our bass player in the spotlight for April 20, 2010. Bio: Bass playin’ fool since the age of 16, Jon played for a few years in an original project ‘Mourning Stone’ before he found the fun world of Cover bands. The draw of having fun and actually pulling in some side-cash took... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Regina Zernay Roberts

    Reader Spotlight: Regina Zernay Roberts

    Meet Regina Zernay Roberts, our bass player in the spotlight for April 13, 2010. Bio: I’ve been playing bass for about 23 years. For the last three, I’ve been the bass player for a band out of New Orleans called Cowboy Mouth. We play more than 200 shows a year, and have traveled the U.S.... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Oscar Harris

    Reader Spotlight: Oscar Harris

    Meet Oscar Harris, a bassist from Columbus, Ohio, and our player in the spotlight for April 6, 2010. Bio: Oscar Harris is the Lead vocalist/bassist/songwriter for the band Unisoul, and the owner of Rokcity Studios. Oscar began his career as a musician as a rocker in a cover band playing a ’67 Fender P Bass.... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Maurizio Rolli

    Reader Spotlight: Maurizio Rolli

    Meet Maurizio Rolli, our bassist in the spotlight for March 30th, 2010. Bio: Maurizio Rolli is a graduate in double bass and jazz music studies. He is currently teaching electric bass and double bass as well as jazz harmony studies at the Accademia Musicale Pescarese in Pescara, Italy. He has worked with: Jim Hall, Mike... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Alex Lofoco

    Reader Spotlight: Alex Lofoco

    Meet Alex Lofoco, our bass player in the spotlight for March 23, 2010. Bio: Alex Lofoco is a native Itailan musician based in the UK. As a relative newcomer to the London music scene, he is already surprisingly established. As a bass player Alex possesses an enviable combination of agility, taste, groove and power, and... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Lou Castro

    Reader Spotlight: Lou Castro

    Meet Lou Castro, our bassist in the spotlight for March 16th, 2010. Bio: I’ve worked or played with Arthur Adams, Mandrill, Vivian Campbell, Keiko Matsui, Wayne Newton, Chuck Berry, Johnny Tillotson, Don Was, Mitchell Froom, Dave Smallen, etc. Location: North Hollywood, CA, USA Day gig: This is my day job! Years experience: I’ve been playing... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Bryan Boyhan

    Reader Spotlight: Bryan Boyhan

    Meet Bryan Boyhan, our bass player in the spotlight for March 9, 2010. Bio: I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA where I started first playing piano and taking theory lessons at about age 9. I listened to whatever records or CD’s we had around everything from the Beatles to Creedance. I have... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Toby Webb

    Reader Spotlight: Toby Webb

    Meet bassist Toby Webb, our player in the spotlight for March 2, 2010. Bio: Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, I’ve been been playing since 1979 and toured and performed as a session player with many top Asian acts. I’ve produced a couple of CDs for independent artists as well as my own band, OSS. Location: Kulua... »

  • Reader Spotlight: David Baron

    Reader Spotlight: David Baron

    Meet David Baron, a bassit from New York, and our player in the spotlight for the week of February 23, 2010. Bio: A native New Yorker, David has played bass in a variety of original and cover projects, including Tripping Monsters, The NY Ruffians, Huggy Bear & the Sweathogs, The Tremors and The Georgia 5.... »