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Reader Spotlight: John “Yohan” Navarro

John NavarroMeet John Navarro, a bassist from Corvallis, Oregon and our player in the spotlight for February 15, 2011.


The bass has always been with me through college, professional transitions and a growing family. I try to bring cohesiveness and acceptance with everything I do. I like to think that I’m just a filter through which my life experiences pass either into my work, my family, and certainly onto the bass. I play a rootsy, simple, groove oriented style that keeps people on the dance floor.


Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Day gig:

Currently I am a physician assistant (PA-C) in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. I have also been a primary care provider, high school math and science teacher, software consultant and coffee slinger.

Years experience:

OMG over 20 years!

Bands & Gigs:

I have a band now called the Space Neighbors – an original funk/disco/jam band based out of Corvallis, OR. I have always been a backing player, never originating the music or lyrics or taking any spotlight, just supporting the main event. Space Neighbors is my sixth band, and I decided to take a main role in content development and spotlight. It feels like I’ve let the sunshine in and I think this is the best one yet!


  • 2004 Pedulla MVP 5
  • 1996 US Fender Jazz
  • Genz Benz Shuttle 6
  • Avatar B410 Neo

Why I play the bass:

The world needs more bass players. Been playing bass since about age 17 when I found out my brother picked up guitar. I knew bass was the choice for me because I like to bring things together. Plus, everyone else played guitar, so I figured wherever I went I’d have at least half of a band! Also, a roommate in college had a RHCP live video and the Flea solo sealed my fate.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I use the bass as a beacon of groove communication. Not only locking with the separate sonic elements but creating a sum greater than the parts. I then funnel this power onto the dance floor culminating in much shaking of the booty.

My influences

In no particular order: Flea, Jaco, John Paul Jones, Mike Watt, Joe Lally, Trevor Dunn, Bootsy, The Meters, Bob Marley, Bradley Nowell, jam bands, women, children, infinity, kindness, compassion, and beauty.

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