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David Hughes Releases “Hopeful Romantic”

David Hughes: Hopeful RomanticDavid Hughes has released his fourth solo album, entitled Hopeful Romantic. The album features ten of the bassist’s original tunes, revolving around jazz, funk, and jazz/rock fusion.

While the bass gets a lot of time to shine on melodies and solos, the album’s tone centers more around the ensemble playing and the compositions.

Hughes pulled out his arsenal of basses to record the album, including a six-string F Bass, a five-string F bass, a six-string fretless Aria Pro Custom Shop, and a ‘69 Fender Jazz. He also used a Squier P-Bass with amp distortion and an envelope filter on the track “Easyphunk Too” to get a “bit of ‘70s vibes.”

Hopeful Romantic Track List:

  1. Yaburi-toro
  2. Blauer Berg
  3. Dave’s Song
  4. Dinner With Friends
  5. Juan’s Song
  6. Easyphunk Too
  7. Room With A View
  8. Kiyomi Kawaii
  9. Hopeful Romantic
  10. Bittersweet

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