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Adam Stevens: “I Think She Knows Interlude” All-Bass Cover

Adam Stevens has shared some impressive all-bass covers over the years.

This time around, he’s taking a new approach – technically speaking – in covering Justin Timberlake’s “I Think She Knows Interlude”, as part of his experimentation with live performance relying on looping.

“Just having some fun with Ableton Live and its incredible live looping capabilities. This is my first video doing it this way (I usually use Logic Pro),” Adam shared. “And even though it took me a lot longer than usual, I’m loving the possibilities that there are for live performance, I’m going to keep working on it! In this setup, I’m using my Moog as a MIDI remote in order to control certain parameters in Ableton Live.”

Technical stuff aside, we dug this arrangement and performance.

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Scott Varney (@ScottVMusic)

Nice!! Diggin this! Nice tasteful use of the loops to back up a great performance.



sick. Great tone! No bassline though?

    Adam Stevens

    Thanks Cory! Hmm.. there is a bass line though? I play it from 0:50 seconds to 0:58 in the video.



      Dude. Thanks for your reply.

      At some point I got into the nasty habit of listening to music without proper headphones/speakers…

      I don’t want to think about all the bass I’ve missed out on.

      Keep searching, keep experimenting & keep up the good work man!!

        Adam Stevens

        Thanks brother, that means a lot! and I hear you about that nasty habit, I think we’re ALL guilty of.. I always try to have a pair of headphones kicking around for that exact reason! Cheers man :)



Always some interesting videos. Love the Roscoe!

Sagar Thapa

Man, that’s just sound so good.
Can you tell me what you used to get your tone?