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La Bella Unveils Vapor Shield Treated Bass Strings

La Bella Vapor Shield Treated Bass StringsLa Bella has announced a new type of extended-life string called the Vapor Shield series. Instead of spraying or dipping the string into a coating, the process treats the entire surface of the string with a nucleated polymer vapor.

“Using a highly sophisticated Ionic Vapor Process™ developed by Acoustic Science™, proprietary compounds are activated in a glow discharge electromagnetic plasma, modifying the string’s entire surface,” the company states. “The result is a string protected from grime, tarnishing, and oil residue. Most importantly, string playability and life is extended without flaking or compromising tone.”

La Bella also states the strings offer a brighter tone and smoother feel than typical coated and non-coated strings. The sets are available for 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses with nickel-wound construction. They are available now with street prices ranging from $25.95 to $46.95.

La Bella Vapor Shield Bass String Details:

Vapor Shield Technology
Nickel Wound
4, 5, 6-string Sets
Gauges (4-string): .040, .060, .080, .100 or .045, .065, .085, .105

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