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Groove – Episode #4: Gary Willis

Gary Willis by Alfons Trigas
Photo by Alfons Trigas

From a commercial standpoint, Gary Willis is mostly known as the co-founder of Tribal Tech (the jazz fusion band that includes Scott Henderson). The life of a jazz musician is never easy… no matter how much hype and excitement there is surrounding your band (and, Gary had plenty of that with Tribal Tech).

Like most bass players, Gary has paid his dues over the years working with everyone from Allan Holdsworth and Wayne Shorter to Simon Phillips and Robben Ford. This includes a solo career and teaching (which is still an important pant of his life).

A Barcelona resident (but a Texas native), Gary looks back on his career as one of the most original bass players in the world, and what it takes to be creative in a world where jazz music continues to evolves and adapt.

Welcome to episode #4 of Groove – The No Treble Podcast. Enjoy the conversation…

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