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Christian Rauhoeft: Revaluation

When Christian Rauhoeft shared this video with us, his note really meant something to me. I’ll share what he wrote, to do it justice:

Ever since I read Damian’s [column on] “staying motivated and avoiding unhealthy comparisons,” my self confidence as a bass player was able to make a considerable step into the right direction (up).

It’s not just Damian’s column that helps me to become a better musician but simply every article and video that can be found on your site. Thanks for that! Love your work guys.

Still, the initial thought process of a young gun like me inevitably goes like “man, I’ll never play like Pino/Damian/Richard Bona” (and countless others).

But as mentioned before, I think it’s not always about being the best in your business but contributing the best you can.

So here it is, my studio session video. I called up some of the best friends and musicians I know and we just went for it. I wrote down some quick chords/ideas and was lucky enough to be accompanied by musicians who were able to fill up my ideas with both their personality and musicianship. And yes, it’s a one-take :-)

Awesome. Great groove too!

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