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Vulfpeck: Poinciana

It’s always a good day when Vulfpeck sends us a new video. The creative quartet decided to tackle the classic standard “Poinciana” with some influences and a twist.

“[It’s a] minimal rendition,” Jack Stratton tells us. “The Four Freshmen were one of the first vocal groups to not sing the root in the harmony. All it needs is someone holding down roots. The roots are simple (I, IV, V) and all the color is in the vocal harmony.”

While the group typically features Joe Dart on bass, “Poinciana” showcases Theo Katzman holding it down on a Fender P-Bass Jr. strung with Labellas. Check out his tasty fill at the :59 mark.

Stratton adds that the group borrows elements from several arrangements to build their own. “We took The Four Freshmen’s arrangement, put the Ahmad Jamal beat under it, and used Roger Troutmans DX7 patch for the Talkbox. We’re hoping to get sued by each.”