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Points North, Featuring Uriah Duffy: Ignition

Instrumental power trio Points North is releasing their sophomore self-titled album this month, and if this video of “Ignition” is any indication, it’s going to be a great one.

The band is anchored by bassist Uriah Duffy, who brings the fire with rock solid groove and interesting countermelodies. He gets some time to shine at the 2:47 mark with some blazing two-handed tapping, which he shares is a technique that he learned back in the day by watching Billy Sheehan.

“I learned that way before the days of YouTube, from Mr. Big’s first tour opening up for Rush,” he said. “I was a kid and would sneak my microcassette recorder into the Civic Center in Rhode Island. That led to much rewinding of the flurry of distorted distortion from Billy’s hands.”