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Simon Fitzpatrick: “Una Mattina” for Bass Guitar

Earlier this month, we shared a video by Simon Fitzpatrick and his bass arrangement of Francisco Tárrega’s classical guitar piece “Rosita”.

This time around, Simon took the piano piece “Una Mattina,” by Ludovico Einaudi and turned it into a beautiful solo bass version.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

A beautiful solo bass version INDEED !!!


Nothing really matters !!!

Kurt Skrivseth

Great work. I have the same BTB456, that bass is such a treat to play.



i don’t know exactly why, but i can’t listen to two handed tapping on bass anymore.
maybe it sound everytime the same no matter what notes or piece they play. and the most notes sounding like randomness, like pushing a button, not like a played note.

Anthony Cook

A delicate piece, and Simon’s approach is very nice, indeed.



a gentle fingers movement…….. smooth!