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Happy Sixth Birthday, No Treble!

Happy Sixth Birthday, No Treble!Continuing the tradition, here’s the annual birthday post for No Treble.

Time just keeps flying by. Since our last birthday, nearly 68,000 new friends have joined us on our Facebook page.

One of our big additions since our fifth birthday was the launch of Groove – the No Treble Podcast, hosted by Mitch Joel. Right now, we’re doing one episode per month, but we’re working hard to increase the frequency in the coming months in our quest to create the largest audio library of bassist interviews the world has ever seen.

No Treble is now visited by nearly 275,000 people per month, who combine for half a million visits each month. That’s a lot of bass!

We’ve now published 8,068 stories, videos, columns, lessons and features.

As I’ve said in past years, the reason for all of this is No Treble’s readers. Your kind words, emails, shared photos and encouragement are rocket fuel to us. As always, my favorite features are the ones where we get to feature you, via our Reader Spotlight, videos, Old School and more.

The crew here is as thoughtful, knowledgable and dedicated as any I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and there’s no chance No Treble could exist without them. Special thanks to these wonderful people:

I’d love to hear from you and find out where you think we should go next. What have you enjoyed here? What would you like to see us do more? Please tell us about it in the comments.

Most of all, thank you for your friendship, readership, comments and for spreading the word. It means the world to us.

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Anthony Cook

Hey Corey … HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NO TREBLE !!!Really appreciate the informative columns & professionalism that each of the contributors make . Enjoy the special bass player music videos, comments/discussions.Also love the isolated bass tracks &updates on the bass world that surrounds us. BASS ON,my friend and good job 👍🏽

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NO TREBLE!!! This is my favorite bass site out there. The articles, columns, and podcasts are fantastic! My only suggestion would be to consider adding a drum/groove tab (containing various looped drum beats) for practicing different time signatures and styles. For me, this would be a tremendous help. I know that there is a ton of this stuff out there; but this would save me time. One stop shop ; ) Thanks to all at NT & again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Kirk Bolas

Kirk Bolas

Happy B-Day to No Treble and kudos for all the hard work from the various contributors.


Happy Birthday “NO TREBLE”
Five years of Bass Funk,
Rock and Jazz is awesome.

Mark S Beretta


Mike until ‘No Treble’ gets their drum/groove tab of their own, you can get it here but you may have to become a member, go to the Practice Room of this link
This is Mark J Smith ‘s website and he has helped me a great deal learning things about bass playing I never knew before, especially the slap style playing , go to the link called Lesson Map and it will drop down, choose what you need help on the most . Best


Wait is it 5th or 6th , anyhow that’s a lot of bass boomers 275,000 people per month .

Tom Stull

Tom Stull

You should have a reviews section. I know new gear is featured, which I love, but an honest review of all the new gear would be nice.

    Corey Brown (Author)

    Hey Tom. You’re right. While we have done reviews – – we can certainly do more of them. This is a big goal for us in the future.

      Tom Stull

      Tom Stull

      Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Guess I missed some reviews. If you need a reviewer…..I am available, Ha. I really love No Treble. BTW, I have to say, if you need “Beats” buy a Drum machine. Sorry, but I think you should be all Bass, all the time.

Rob Shaw

Rob Shaw

Congratulations on 6 years of success and I hope there are many more.
One suggestion I have is to feature guest amateur bass players who describe their musical journey and how it was shaped through teachers, artists, albums and technology.
I would love to contribute as I’m trying to hone my writing skills so if you’re interested please contact me.
Keep up the great work.

tony Thompson

Nice work guys – well done and birthday greetings! Not gigging myself at the moment, though I’m looking for a band, but recording and writing. I’ve also fallen into a position in my day job (I work in a specialist unit for autistic students in a high school) where I am teaching bass to a young man with some real talent on the instrument and hoping to get him into the local music college. Having all your online resources to draw on has been a big help!