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Bass of the Week: New York Bass Works Cremona 5

New York Bass Works Cremona 5 Bass

This week we check out a custom Cremona 5 by New York Bass Works. Built by luthier David Segal for bassist Sean Joynes, the instrument is based around a rare wood from central Africa called Moabi. Joynes gave us the scoop:

“This new Cremona 5 bass is made of Red Alder with a Moabi Pommele (African Pearwood) top,” he wrote. “The fingerboard is birdseye maple along with a 3 piece graphite reinforced maple neck.” The 35.5-inch scall bass also has a nut made of lignum vitae, a hard wood that is naturally oily and wear resistant.

Besides incredible exotic woods, the Cremona 5 also has an interesting set of pickups. “The pickups installed are the renowned out-of-production Bartolini 9w5,” Joynes said. “This particular set was re-casted in NYBW soapbars originally for Richard Bona’s Cremona 5. Even though Richard loved the sound (he went on 2-3 tours with it), he felt it would be best to switch to a pickup with a higher output. Dave swapped Richard’s 9w’s with his custom NYBW pickups; thus, making the out-of-production 9W5’s available for this bass.”

New York Bass Works Cremona 5 Bass Photos:

New York Bass Works Cremona 5 Bass Specs:

Body:Red Alder
Top, and headstock face:Moabi Pommele ( African Pearwood)
Neck:3 piece Maple graphite reinforced
Fingerboard:Birdseye Maple
Fret Size:Medium
Truss rod cover:Ebony
Nut:Lignum Vitae
Scale Length:35.5″
Pickups:Bartolini 9W5 set re-casted in NYBW soapbars
Preamp:Aguilar OBP-3
Finish:Gloss Polyester
Bridge:Hipshot A
Knobs:Red Alder/Moabi