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Devi Ever FX Reintroduces Silver Rose Fuzz Pedal

Devi Ever FX Silver Rose Fuzz PedalDevi Ever FX is re-releasing the Silver Rose with some upgrades. The company, which was acquired by the people who run Dwarfcraft Devices in 2013, says that the monster fuzz pedal’s updated circuitry allow for extreme versatility.

“[The Silver Rose] covers all the ground of the original with some serious improvements, like swapping out the IC Muff clone for a streamlined version of the Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder for an even greater tonal range,” they write.

The pedal is comprised of a Super Fuzz circuit that covers old school tones and an Eau Claire Thunder fuzz that covers warm and wooly sounds. Its EQ section has been redesigned to offer 10dB of boost and cut on both treble and bass. Other features include a clean blend with dedicated volume control, an auxiliary clean output, a Mids switch, and a Warp switch.

The Devi Ever FX Silver Rose is true bypass and runs on a standard 9V center negative power plug. It will retail for $350. The first 50 pedals will be available from Chicago Music Exchange this month, while the launch date for everywhere else will be August 1.

Devi Ever FX Silver Rose Fuzz Pedal Details:

Dual Distortion Paths
Bass, Treble, Mid Controls
Dedicated Clean Level
Auxiliary Clean Output
Power: 9V Center Negative
True Bypass

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