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NS Design Introduces WAV4 Radius Bass

NS Design has expanded their bass guitar offering even further with the introduction of the WAV4 Radius, a bass that follows the design of their Radius series with a more accessible price point. It carries many of the same features of its predecessors, including a diradial body, a headless design with self-clamping tuning system, an advanced truss rod design, and an NS Polar/EMG pickup system.

Weighing in at 8 pounds, the WAV4 Radius has a contoured diradial body that contours to your body and subtly slants the neck and strings up for comfort and better visibility. Its body shape also includes a deep cutaway for reaching the the highest frets. The one-piece bolt-on neck, which is reinforced by an aluminum double-action truss rod, is topped by a rosewood fingerboard holding 24 frets. The strings are held in place by NS Design’s self-clamping, bridge-mounted tuning system. It accepts any standard single-ball end string and holds the strings tighter as they are tuned up.

The NS Polar/EMG dual pickup system includes a magnetic EMG Radius pickup matched with an NS bridge-mounted Polar piezo system. Both are fed to an active 9-volt preamp complete with master volume and balance controls as well as individual tone controls for each pickup.

The NS Design WAV4 Radius bass comes in Matte Black, Metallic Crimson, and Metallic Cobalt finishes. It is available now with a street price of $1,199.99.

NS Design WAV4 Radius Bass Specs:

Neck:One-piece Maple
Nut Width:1.6″
Fretboard Radius:15″
Pickups:EMG Radius, NS Polar
Electronics:9-Volt Active
Bridge:1-piece Aluminum
Tuners:NS Patented Tuning System
Colors:Matte Black, Metallic Crimson, Metallic Cobalt
Made in:Indonesia

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