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Mike Frost Band: Songbird

I was 8 years old when Fleetwood Mac released Rumours. My parents would spin that record often – as would I, despite not being allowed to touch the turntable.

One of my favorite songs on that record was Christine McVie’s “Songbird”. While I never imagined that song reworked for other instrumentation, bassist Mike Frost thankfully did. Here’s Mike and his band performing the tune, with some beautiful fretless bass work by the bassist setting the foundation.

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Kurt Skrivseth

That was amazing. The fretless tone was solid. The percussion was minimal as necessary. The piano was a nice homage. The vocal kicked so much ass.


Well done Mike and Lauren!!



Beautiful ,,,

Stan Pugh

Nice bass for sure, but that voice!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

A very mellow ‘dang mang’… great bass and vocals going on in this one. Excellent performance.



Very nice rendition…Pretty and cool👏🏼

Lauren Meccia (@laurenmeccia)

Thank you for sharing this and for the nice comments! Mike Frost’s bass playing is spectacular on this tune. You can see me choke up a bit on the last verse when I saw my friend in the front row of the audience start to cry!

Phil J

Phil J

That was the most beautiful version of Christine McVie’s “Songbird” I have ever heard. Stunning !