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Groove – Episode #9: John Campbell

John Campbell
Photo by Víctor Roces

Lamb of God was one of the headliners at this year’s three-day hard music festival known as Heavy Montreal. Bassist John Campbell was willing and able to sit down in the blazing sun to talk about everything from why he used to play with only three strings on his bass, to the sad situation that found his singer Randy Blythe arrested and accused of committing intentional bodily harm, after a now-infamous incident in the Czech Republic in which a Lamb of God fan hit his head on the floor from the stage and later died of the injury (check out Randy’s fascinating book, Dark Days: A Memoir).

Now, the band that is part of New Wave of American Heavy Metal is back with their latest album, VII: Sturn und Drang. The Richmond, Virginia-based band has evolved the genre of metal and, with it, Campbell’s bass groove provides a core component in what makes them one of the most interesting metal bands in the world. Enjoy the conversation…

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