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Saxon’s Latest is a Battering Ram

Saxon: Battering RamBritish heavy metal band Saxon has released its 21st studio album, Battering Ram.

The record features bassist Nibbs Carter, who has been with the band since 1988. Known as one of the leading bands of the 1970’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Saxon evokes some of its early 80’s sound on the album.

If you love classic metal, check out band vocalist Biff Byford’s commentary on Battering Ram’s songs and get a taste of each:

Battering Ram is available on CD, vinyl – limited edition box set and as a digital download (iTunes – deluxe edition, including a 2011 live show in Sweden and Amazon MP3).

Battering Ram Track List:

  1. Battering Ram
  2. The Devil’s Footprint
  3. Queen Of Hearts
  4. Destroyer
  5. Hard and Fast
  6. Eye of The Storm
  7. Stand Your Ground
  8. Top Of The World
  9. To The End
  10. Kingdom Of The Cross
  11. Three Sheets To The Wind (The Drinking Song)