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MonoNeon Releases Five-Song EP

MonoNeon: Selfie QuickieThe name of the latest release of short pieces from bassist/experimental musician MonoNeon (Prince, Ne-Yo), a.k.a. Dywane Thomas Jr. kind of says it all: Selfie Quickie.

Three of the five songs on the EP clock in at less than two minutes, while the remaining songs run no longer than 2:55 and 3:11, respectively. Selfie Quickie is a collection of funk, noise, microtonality and music developed out of speech dialogue and informed by MonoNeon’s love of geometric abstraction and minimalism. Speech is represented in a piece like “Conversation Between Two Sisters From Memphis,” which melds speech and music to create a unique composition.

Check out the title track for a quick MonoNeon fix:

Selfie Quickie is available as a digital download at Bandcamp.

Selfie Quickie Track List:

  1. Jack Pirtle’s Neon Livers
  2. Neon Anarchy
  3. Conversation Between Two Sisters From Memphis
  4. All Because I’m Black
  5. Selfie Quickie

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rOb A

Electro-funk-fusion to the max. Mono’s got creativity + chops. I wish him all the best with Prince.