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Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (December 2015)

We closed out 2015 with some excellent videos from the world of bass in December. Of the 31 or so we featured, these 10 were tops with readers.

Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing.

Galactic Empire: Star Wars Theme

1. Galactic Empire: Star Wars Theme

Star Wars buzz is in the air, so we thought we’d celebrate with this fun video by the band known as Galactic Empire. I mean, come on – a Stormtrooper (Atrium Audio’s Carson Slovak) playing bass? That’s just too hard to pass up. And the break in the middle is just plain awesome…

Jaco Pastorius: Third Stone from the Sun

2. Jaco Pastorius: Third Stone from the Sun

On December 1st, 1951, Jaco Pastorius – the man many of us consider the greatest bass player ever – was born. “We all say it: He’s our Hendrix,” Juan Alderete said in the recently released film, JACO. In honor of Jaco’s birthday, we revisited a classic solo from a 1978 Weather Report concert…

Keelan Jones with Cory Henry: Sunday Stroll

3. Keelan Jones with Cory Henry: Sunday Stroll

Snarky Puppy keyboardist Cory Henry performs with drummer Keelan Jones in this funky performance of “Sunday Stroll”, recorded on November 29, 2014 from Jones’ Flipside the Mentality. Tony Russell lays down a sweet a bass line on this one. Love the horns and that funky Moog!

Zander Zon: Star Wars Medley

4. Zander Zon: Star Wars Medley

You may have heard that a new Star Wars film hit the big screen in December (as in, 1,000 times a day or more). Leave it to Zander Zon to combine some of our all-time favorites – bass, Star Wars and the music of John Williams – into one terrific video…

David Piggott: Unbroken

5. David Piggott: Unbroken

So much can be said with just a bass guitar. Here’s a great example of that with David Piggott’s “Unbroken,” a song he wrote for his wife. Piggott uses some crafty measures to create a beautiful flow of notes, with some strings backing him up for good measure…

The Bottom 40: Firework

6. The Bottom 40: Firework

Adam Nitti sent me this video saying, “[Here’s] another project I’m involved with, called ‘The Bottom 40’. Kind of on the Dirty Loops tip, but in a different style. (I even snuck in a sweep lick, LOL….) This band has been creating some heavy momentum online lately…” The tune is Katy Perry’s “Firework”…

Jacob Collier: PYT

7. Jacob Collier: PYT

Multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier is a freak of nature, so it figures that his cover of Michael Jackson’s classic “PYT” would be just as out there. Collier – who arranged, performed, produced, filmed and edited the clip – included some off the wall bass licks and a thriller of a unison line with the keyboard…

Costantino Riemma: One Man Bass and Drums

8. Costantino Riemma: One Man Bass and Drums

Costantino Riemma does it all in this video featuring the bassist playing both bass and drums… at the same time. And wow, does he do it well. In this clip, Costantino covers a lot of musical ground with “Smoke On The Water,” “Billie Jean,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Enter Sandman”…

Joanna Dudkowska: The Beginning

9. Joanna Dudkowska: The Beginning

Bassist Joanna Dudkowska sent us this video of the tune “The Beginning”. She told us she had just received her Marleaux Consat Custom and recorded this in celebration. Not only does she play that, but she puts down some nice fretless work as well…

Talking Heads: Take Me To The River, Live 1980

10. Talking Heads: Take Me To The River, Live 1980

I recently came across a great full-length concert video of the Talking Heads and it got me moving. Taken from their November 1980 performance the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey, the band is in rare form with Tina Weymouth sharing bass duties with Busta “Cherry” Jones…

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