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Beathaven Offers Unique Opportunity To Be Heard and Paid for Your Music

BeathavenThe Beathaven service offers a players a unique way to be heard, and get paid.

The process is pretty simple: pay $4.99 to access one of the many tracks on Beathaven’s site. Download the track. Add your parts to the track. Upload the track, with your parts. Get feedback from music industry professionals about your work. And, if your tracks are retained, you can even get paid.

Actually, according to the site’s FAQ page, there are a number of ways you can make money with your music on Beathaven: “By submitting great parts to us you will be considered for various payment opportunities like: session fees (for parts in master final mixes) or download revenue for the tracks you play on featured at the site, invitations to include your own original songs for download and revenue share, royalties on songs you add lyric/melody too, music label and management referrals for exceptional artists, inclusion in Beathaven song-pitching activities, input and recommendations for advancing your career in music.”

Find out more at Beathaven’s website.

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