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“Odd Light” Is Third Offering from Olivier Babaz’s Trio

Olivier Babaz: Odd LightFrench bass player and composer Olivier Babaz has released his third trio album, Odd Light, with guitarist Francois Jalbert and drummer Mark Nelson.

The album, a follow up to Midnight Caffeine (2012) and Virages (2014), explores textures and architectures in a space where jazz, world music, folk and progressive rock intersect.

A grant from the Montreal (Canada) Arts Council and Studio Crawford helped support the album’s production.

Listen to some album excerpts:

Odd Light is streaming and available for purchase at Bandcamp and for download at iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Odd Light Track List:

  1. Corail Rouge
  2. Snark Attacks
  3. Monkster
  4. L’Apppel du vide P1
  5. Bright Shadows
  6. L’Appel due vide P2
  7. Footprints
  8. Instant Shape
  9. Tingwick
  10. Odd Light