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Mike Kunka & The Melvins Complete, Release 1990s Collaboration

Mike & The Melvins: Three Men and a BabySometimes, those long-lost albums are actually released.

Case in point: Mike & The Melvins’ Three Men and a Baby. The album, from bassist/vocalist Mike Kunka (godheadSilo, Enemymine) and The Melvins, who toured together in 1998 and decided to record an album together in 1999.

A great number of things – everything from whooping cough to gear theft to surgery, according to a press release – occurred to keep the album on a shelf from 1999 to 2015, which is when, “much to everyone’s surprise, the involved parties reconvened, finished the damn thing, and delivered it post-haste to Sub Pop International Headquarters, where it was promptly scheduled for the coveted April 1st, 2016 release date,” according to Sub Pop.

Check out the album’s “Chicken ’n’ Dump”:

Three Men and a Baby is available on CD, vinyl, cassette and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Three Men and a Baby Track List:

  1. Chicken ’n’ Dump
  2. Limited Teeth
  3. Bummer Conversation
  4. Annalisa
  5. A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk
  6. Read the Label (It’s Chili)
  7. Dead Canaries
  8. Pound the Giants
  9. A Friend in Need Is a Friend You Don’t Need
  10. Lifestyle Hammer
  11. Gravel
  12. Art School Fight Song

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