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Playing For Change: Higher Ground

This video has been making the rounds recently on Facebook, and I was mesmerized by it. I was surprised to learn it actually came out in 2011.

Organized by Playing For Change, this performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” features musicians from nine locations around the world in one of the most interesting collaborations I think I’ve ever seen. Reggie McBride is on bass (seen at around the 2:02 mark, but heard throughout).

PFC’s cofounder Mark Johnson describes it best: “The idea is to show people enough different cultures using music to uplift themselves, so that we can see the connections we all have.”

Check out the Playing For Change website for more.

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Steven Allen

Steven Allen

Fantastic! This entire series of videos are well worth the time to watch.



Absolutely brilliant !! Agreed , watch the whole series of tracks.



This is fantastic! Truly enjoyed it.