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Talking Style: G-Funk – Part 2

I want to continue the “G-Funk” exploration in this episode by taking a look at the 1995 cut “Safe & Sound” by DJ Quik.

This song is a prime example of having a part from a record re-played as opposed to sampling it. This gives the producer so much more freedom in terms of what elements can be added or taken away.

“Safe & Sound” incorporates the second bar of the two-bar groove from the Brothers Johnson version of “Strawberry Letter 23” and the outro synthesizer lick from Prince’s “I wanna be your lover”. The songs are in two different keys so having them played instead of sampled really eliminates some of the hassles that can come along with trying to match keys of two different samples.

Check out the funkiness that comes out when a groove doesn’t start right on beat one!

Follow along with this transcription and the video below.

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