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Crazy Tube Circuits Introduces Planet B Overdrive

Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B Overdrive PedalCrazy Tube Circuits has unleashed a new bass overdrive called the Planet B. The pedal is described as being “voiced after a ’70s high wattage guitar tube amp that was also used on bass guitar in rock, doom, sludge and stoner bands.”

The Planet B has straight-ahead controls with a Gain knob, Master Volume knob, Blend knob for mixing clean and dirty signals, and a Tone knob for tweaking the overdrive signal. It also has a voicing toggle switch that boosts mid frequencies for cutting through the mix.

The Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B will be shipping at the end of December with a direct price of approximately $200.

Have a listen here:

Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B Overdrive Pedal Features:

Bass Overdrive
Tone, Gain, Volume, Blend Controls
Supersonic Switch for Mid-frequency Boost
True Bypass Switching
9V DC Power Supply
Internal Circuitry Provides 18V DC from standard 9V DC Power
Made in Athens, Greece