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Ariane Cap

Ariane Cap

Austrian Ariane Cap is a multi instrumentalist, educator, author, blogger and composer. An eclectic and versatile bassist, she has covered many styles, from Rock (Keith Olsen/Fleetwood Mac), Jazz (Daline Jones, Montclair Women’s Big Band) to Folk and Flamenco (Muriel Anderson), to classical music (The Mozart Band), and Top 40 (Brian Cline Band), Latin Disco (Generation Esmeralda) to Punk Rock (The Sippy Cups) and Cirque du Soleil. As a leader, Ariane has teamed up with star Jazz bassoonist Paul Hanson to create the critically acclaimed duo ‘OoN’.

Her book Music Theory for the Bass Player was published in September 2015 and hit #1 bestseller status in its category within weeks. It is a groundbreaking book that teaches music theory in shapes via fretboard diagrams rather than through teaching standard notation at the same time, which, as the author says, is a vital (but different) skill, that is easier to learn once music theory is mastered.

Ariane started a blog in October 2015 at featuring free teaching videos about concepts in her book.

Ariane is also an educator for the powerhouse TrueFire. Her first course is called Pentatonic Playground for Bass and is available as a download or DVD.

Ariane has been featured for her creative playing techniques and solid bandmanship in Bass Player Magazine (January 2014), Bassquarterly (September 2013) and other publications.

She teaches at the Berkeley Jazz School and her own Music School, Step Up Music Vallejo. Ariane has facilitated countless classes, seminars and workshops. She taught and created online classes for the Academy of Art University San Francisco and was on faculty of The Golden Gate Bass Camp. Her own education includes Austrian music schools and conservatories, including the Academy of Music Vienna, as well as American Universities (University of Miami and others). She has studied and assisted in Victor Wooten’s Bass Nature Camps and Steve Bailey’s Bass at the Beach. Other teachers and mentors include Kai Eckhardt, Chuck Rainey and Michael Manring.

Connect with Ariane:

Blog | Website | OoN | Step Up Music Vallejo

Articles by Ariane Cap:

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    Talking Technique: The Thunder Episode

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  • Talking Technique: Bach for Two

    Talking Technique: Bach for Two

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  • Talking Technique: Why Practice Technique?

    Talking Technique: Why Practice Technique?

    As musicians, wouldn’t it make sense to focus exclusively on musical applications and learn by practicing mainly songs? Why isolate technique drills and put so much focus on the mechanics, seemingly devoid of any musical context? Why waste an opportunity to build ears and creative skills at the same time and instead reduce practice to... »

  • Talking Technique: Pivot Permutations in the Blues

    Talking Technique: Pivot Permutations in the Blues

    Ready to apply all this hard work in a song? In part three of this mini-series on Talking Technique we are putting all this hard work to good use in a blues. If you haven’t been following along, be sure to check out the past two Talking Technique episodes! So far we’ve been working on... »

  • Talking Technique: Speed Permutations

    Talking Technique: Speed Permutations

    Up for part 2 of our challenge? In part 1 we explored pivot permutations and using the mirror image of permutations. As if that wasn’t tough enough, we are going for speed in this episode! You know I love the power of slow and recommend practicing slowly with your attention rotating (my PORA technique), but... »

  • Talking Technique: Pivot Perms & Mirror Image

    Talking Technique: Pivot Perms & Mirror Image

    This episode is part one of a three-part challenge. Those time tested permutation exercises (you are doing them, right?) are getting two fresh twists in this episode: descending by their mirror image for an additional right-hand alternating challenge, and what I call the wicked “Pivot Permutations” – a great fun way to spice up that... »

  • Talking Technique: Close Your Eyes and “See” in New Ways

    Talking Technique: Close Your Eyes and “See” in New Ways

    Let’s start with a simple exercise. I say, go ahead, get your bass and just do it – that way you get the full benefit from this article. To start, let’s play a simple shift, such as C to D on the A string with the first finger on both notes (this is not the... »

  • Talking Technique: “Mordents” for Finger Strength

    Talking Technique: “Mordents” for Finger Strength

    Today we have another multi-layered workout for you to build up your finger strength. This lesson will help you practice a scale up and down one string while improving coordination and strengthening your fingers. It’s not a beginner’s workout, but wherever you are on your journey, give it a good try. You’ll need to be... »

  • Talking Technique: Efficient Practice Hacks #5: Mnemonics – Part 2

    Talking Technique: Efficient Practice Hacks #5: Mnemonics – Part 2

    More memory tools for bass players! This is part two in my mini series on Bass Mnemonics. Mnemonic – hard to say the word – but endlessly useful! You can take a look at part 1. Here is more… and a time-limited bonus for you at the end! Eartraining: Song beginnings are a great way... »

  • Talking Technique: Efficient Practice Hacks #5: Mnemonics – Part 1

    Talking Technique: Efficient Practice Hacks #5: Mnemonics – Part 1

    Harness the power of these creative time tested memory tools. They will enrich your bass playing and are useful for all walks of life. A mnemonic is any idea or device that aids in remembering something. Maybe you are familiar with “Large Elephants Jump Slowly And Sink Rapidly” – helping US students remember the seven... »