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Articles by Corey Brown - Page 415

  • Michael Manring: Helios

    Michael Manring: Helios

    We’re a week away from seeing Michael Manring live, and so we’ve decided to get ready with a few Youtube videos. Here’s Michael playing “Helios”, from his album Soliloquy on his Hyperbass: »

  • Marshall Amps shipping newest MB Series bass amplifiers

    Marshall Amplification’s newest additions to their MB Series bass amps are now shipping. Eight new models were added, including four combos, one head and three extension cabinets, in addition to the existing MB15 and MB30 models. Specific models: MB60 60-Watt, hybrid 1×12″ combo MB150 150-Watt, hybrid 1×15″ combo MB450H 450-Watt, hybrid head MB4210 450-Watt, hybrid... »

  • Mark Hoppus tweets tour updates

    Mark Hoppus is generating quite the buzz these days on Twitter, especially when it comes to news of the upcoming Blink-182 tour. MTV ran a story about the tweet, reporting that “the band’s bassist has been Twittering his fingers off over the past two days, giving frequent updates on the status of the group’s meetings... »

  • Fieldy apologizes to Korn band mates in new book

    Korn bassist Fieldy‘s new book, Got the Life is getting plenty of attention these days. In a recent interview, Fieldy shares that the book contains apology letters to each of his band mates for his past behavior. During an interview with the Associated Press, Fieldy shares that he became an alcoholic around the age of... »

  • Alphonso Johnson’s “Black Market” Performance

    Alphonso Johnson’s “Black Market” Performance

    Alphonso Johnson is a favorite of ours, and he proves once again how Joe Zawinul really knew how to pick bass players. Alphonso was replaced by Jaco Pastorius, and both appeared on Weather Report’s Black Market. Many people think Jaco held down the bass for the title track, but it was indeed Alphonso Johnson. Jaco... »

  • Nikki Sixx interviewed on Fox News

    We don’t watch Fox News here at No Treble HQ, but we heard something about Greta Van Susteren interviewing Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx. Seemed like a strange pairing to us, but who are we to argue with bassists getting national coverage? The show only included five minutes of the interview. Here’s the full version,... »

  • FuryMuso Playing Muse

    FuryMuso Playing Muse

    Today’s featured player is FuryMuso, performing Muse’s “Easily”. »

  • Gettin’ cinematic with Carlos D

    Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler, a.k.a. Carlos D, has made a film exploring “the unstable nature of fame and the incredible cost of celebrity.” Dengler stars in and co-produced My Friends Told Me About You, composed an all-original score for the 26-minute film. The production was “a chance to explore the narrative potential of sound and... »

  • Geddy Lee & Rush go retro, need a break

    Hot on the heels of Rush’s Retrospective 3 release, rumors are flying that a new concept album will be next. Bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee dispels the myths: “We haven’t even discussed our next work yet. Right now we’re all taking a well-needed break.” In comments to, Lee goes on to remind us that his band... »

  • Walter Barnes: NAMM Bass Bash 2009

    Bassist Walter Barnes is featured along with guitarist Tony Pulizzi, drummer Rob Hubbard, Jr. and saxophonist Keith McKelly at the NAMM Bass Bash 2009 in Anaheim, California. Enjoy “Song For Wayman”: »