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Articles by Flemming Dørken - Page 13

  • Dani Weber solo bass: Who Cares Anyway?

    I’ve stumbled upon several German bass players recently. One young guy that has caught my attention is Dani Weber. He has a good melodic sense and good technique, as you’ll see in this video of “Who Cares Anyway?” Be sure to check out his Youtube channel and MySpace page. »

  • Joe Britton performs Jeff Berlin’s Dixie

    One of the most tricky pieces for bass to execute perfectly is Jeff Berlin‘s incredibly intricate version of Dixie. This great execution by Joe Britton is by far the one that comes the closest. Check out Joe’s Youtube channel. »

  • Lyman Bushkovski: Time After Time for bass ensemble

    Here’s Lyman Bushkovski, playing Cindy Lauper’s song Time After Time, arranged for bass ensemble. A nice job on a nice song with a classic bass line. Check out Lyman’s Youtube channel. »

  • Kevin Wyatt: Giant Steps

    I think most of the jazz-guys out there know John Coltrane’s classic Giant Steps. A challenging tune, as I’m sure many would agree. This is Kevin Wyatt shirtlessly doubling the bass part on his bass and Coltrane’s solo on his keyboard. [Editor’s note: when the walking bass part started, I almost fell out of my... »

  • Jason Matthews: Wizards in Winter

    Jason Matthews: Wizards in Winter

    In 2006, Trans-Siberian Orchestra launched a Youtube contest for the best/most original covers of their song “Wizards In Winter”. One one winner from each of the following categories was chosen: drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. The winner in the bass category was Jason Matthews, who took an interesting approach: basically playing both the bass part... »

  • 6nikola9: “All You Need Is Love” Bass Multi-Track Arrangement

    6nikola9: “All You Need Is Love” Bass Multi-Track Arrangement

    When I first saw the following video by 23-year-old Italian bassist 6nikola9 a while back I thought, “Cool! That’s how I want to making videos”. Check out his bass multi-track version of The Beatles’ classic “All You Need is Love”: »

  • Joshua Young: Hide and Seek

    Joshua Young, a 19-year-old bassist, was admitted to Berklee’s College of Music in 2007, but this meant that his parents would have to make some sacrifices to meet the payment of a yearly $40,000 for tuition and housing. They were soon to learn, however, that they would not have to make such sacrifices. An astonishing... »

  • Andres Rotmistrovsky: Elias Tune in 7

    Andres Rotmistrovsky is an Argentinian bassist who completed a degree in Jazz Performance from the Berklee College of Music. In recognition of outstanding musicianship, he was awarded in 2007 with the “Charles Mingus Award” and also with the prestigious “Outstanding Performer Award”. I could have chosen one of his nine solo bass pieces, but I... »

  • Maximo Pera Renauld: Bass Players

    Maximo Pera Renauld, Argentinian bassist and multi-instrumentalist, has released five CDs under his own name, and judging from what can be found on his YouTube channel, they are probably worth investing in! He only has 11 videos on his channel so be sure to check them all out. This video features his song “Bajeros” (Bass... »

  • Funkstar650: Brothers Johnson “Celebration” playalong

    George Oerlemans (aka Funkstar650), from Holland, used to have a lot of playalongs on YouTube but took them down after the controversy of MarloweDK’s account being suspended. In February, George had a visit from the great Louis Johnson, became a teacher of “Louis Johnson’s Black Dragon Bass Institute” and received Louis’ personal blessing to do... »