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Articles by Flemming Dørken - Page 4

  • Al Di Meola with Tony Scherr: Kiss My Axe

    Al Di Meola with Tony Scherr: Kiss My Axe

    Here’s a live video from 1991 featuring Al Di Meola’s band with Tony Scherr on the bass playing the tune “Kiss My Axe”. »

  • Steve Morse’s “Tumeni Notes” (Bass Version)

    This is bassist Paulo Gustavo playing his virtuosic bass version of Steve Morse’s tune “Tumeni Notes”. And pretty much nailing it. »

  • Igor Franca: Tight Trite Night (Bass Version)

    This is Brazilian bass player Igor Franca, performing a 6-string bass version of the tune “Tight Trite Night”, written by the amazing acoustic guitarist, Don Ross. »

  • Francois Lamouche: Shazam Kadazam for Solo Bass

    The following is an extract of a tune Francois Lamouche is working on for his street playing. He calls it “Shazam Kadazam”. »

  • Bootsy Collins: Stretchin’ Out

    Bootsy Collins: Stretchin’ Out

    This is basically just Bootsy Collins being Bootsy Collins: a true man of the funk, as you will see in the video. He’s playing “Stretchin’ Out” live on Night Music hosted by David Sanborn (who’s playing the sax in the video). »

  • Jim Bennet: Summer Song

    Being right around the end of July I think this “Summer Song” by Jim Bennet aka Resonantdoghouse is appropriate viewing! »

  • Georg Breinschmid and Thomas Gansch: 5/4

    This piece is written by Austrian bass player Georg Breinschmid who after long consideration decided to name it “5/4” as he explains in the beginning of the video. He performs it with Thomas Gansch playing the trumpet. »

  • Bill Bruford’s Earthworks: Stromboli Kicks

    This video is really more about drummer Bill Bruford than anyone else, but there’s still some exciting bass playing to be heard from Laurence Cottle. It’s clear that Cottle (and the other musicians, for that matter) in Bruford’s Earthworks have a lot of musical freedom to just do their own thing. »

  • Simone Vignola: FAQ, Boss Loop Contest

    When Simone Vignola entered the EuroBassDay solo bass contest in 2008 he won the whole thing. This time he’s entering the Boss Loop Station World Championship with the following video of a piece he calls “FAQ”. »

  • Edicson Ruiz and Marie-Pierre Langlamet: Adagio Melancolico Ed Appassionato

    Hugely talented Edicson Ruiz has played the double bass with the Berlin Philharmonic since he was 18. In this video he plays Bottesini’s “Adagio Melancolico Ed Appassionato” along with harpist Marie-Pierre Langlamet. Beautiful, isn’t it? »