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Articles by Kevin Johnson - Page 480

  • Name Freekbass’s new group and win guest tickets to their shows

    The ever-funky Freekbass has formed a new project with DJ Logic and keyboardist Steve Molitz after the trio had a jam session over the summer in PA’s Church of Universal Love and Music. The group has yet to give themselves a name, and is asking fans to tweet their ideas for band names at DJ... »

  • RIP Jeff Clyne

    Jeff Clyne, one of the best jazz bassists to come out of the UK, passed away on November 16th of a heart attack. Clyne, who was 72, broke onto the scene in the 1950’s, and in 1958 joined Tubby Hayes’ band, the Jazz Couriers. In 1965, Clyne played on Stan Tracey’s classic album “Under Milk... »

  • Geddy Lee to judge Canada’s finest food

    Rush bassist and lead singer Geddy Lee will be judging at the “Gold Medal Plates,” a Canadian chef cook-off, today in Toronto. Gold Medal Plates is self-described as the “ultimate celebration of Canadian Excellence in cuisine, wine, entertainment, and athletic achievement.” Founded in 2003, the organization’s goal is to raise money for Canada’s Olympic and... »

  • Ike Sturm: Jazz Mass

    Bassist Ike Sturm has released his new album, Jazz Mass. Sturm composed and arranged Jazz Mass for voices, strings, and jazz septet, resulting in a unique blend of textures. “I have always loved the emotional heights and depths that can be revealed through voices and strings,” Sturm says. “To hear these sounds combine with some... »

  • Sublime bassist Eric Wilson loses courtroom battle

    Sublime’s bass player, Eric Wilson, has lost a legal battle with the estate of Brad Nowell, the band’s singer, over the rights to use the band’s name. For the years after Brad’s untimely passing in 1996, the surviving members performed in a group they formed called the Long Beach Dub All Stars, but recently they... »

  • Lindsey Horner’s next album can have your name on it

    Jazz bassist Lindsey Horner, who has played with artists such as Greg Osby, Bill Frisell, and Bobby Previte, is in the process of recording his next project, Undiscovered Country. The unique part about this recording is that he is working through the business model supplied by ArtistShare, which allows for fans to participate in and... »

  • Gear Watch: Batt-O-Meter

    Ever worried about the life left in the batteries for your active pickups or your favorite effects pedal just before a gig? Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced the Batt-O-Meter, a battery tester designed for musicians to solve that problem. The tester, which plugs into a 1/4″ jack input, can be used to check the voltage... »

  • System of a Down bassist releases new project single

    System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian is set to release a single from his new group Achozen, which is a collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan member The RZA. The single, “Salute/Sacrifice,” will be released today through his web site, Achozen is a heavy hip-hop group that also features members Kinetic 9 and Reverend William... »

  • Jazz legend Ron Carter gives intimate clinic

    On November 4th, the virtuosic jazz bassist Ron Carter presented a clinic entitled “All Alone” to a sold out crowd. The one-night only workshop was held at David Gage’s String Instruments shop located in NYC. Mr. Carter played some, and then covered topics ranging from gig preparation to working with other musicians and amps, as... »

  • RIP Mark Smith

    British bassist and record producer Mark Smith, who has performed and recorded with The Waterboys, Roxy Music, Robbie Williams, George Michael, and many others was found dead at his home in the Battersea district of London on November 2, 2009. A band mate found his body, after Smith did not show up to a gig.... »