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  • Ernie Ball Debuts Music Man Reflex Bass

    Ernie Ball Debuts Music Man Reflex Bass

    Ernie Ball has released the Music Man Reflex, which they were showing off at their booth during this summer’s NAMM show in Nashville. The bass is an evolution of the 25th Anniversary Bass, and features multiple pickup options. Choose from a standard single humbucker, dual humbuckers, or a humbucker plus two single-coils to suit your... »

  • Leo Fender and the History of the Electric Bass

    Leo Fender and the History of the Electric Bass

    A guy who goes by the name “davey4557” on Youtube has posted a short but amazing video on the history of the electric bass and Leo Fender. While it is very cool to see the progression of Leo’s basses, I had serious gear envy after realizing all the basses in the video belong to Davey.... »

  • Gear Watch: Rees Big-F-Light Lightweight Bass

    Rees Electric Guitars has introduced a new addition to their F-Light Lightweight bass series called the Big-F-Light. Weighing in at 7.5 pounds, this bass differs from the company’s original F-Light in that it features a full size body. They reduce the weight by keeping the center of the bass thick while shaving down the sides... »

  • The Lowdown with Dr. D.: Making the Switch from Electric to Upright (part 2 of 3)

    Last time we talked about some of the general concepts involved in making the switch from Electric to Upright Bass. It’s a fairly big subject, so we are going to continue down this road for the next several installments. As I mentioned last time, an accomplished Electric player can often pump out a line on... »

  • Marten Andersson announces new signature 8-string ESP bass

    Bassist Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, Starwood, George Lynch), has released photos of his new 8-string ESP bass. Marten is a long-time endorsee of ESP, and had a hand in creating the prototype for this new custom bass. “Working together with ESP, and based on my ideas and specs we have created a prototype of my... »

  • New AXL bass: the Marquee Capricorn

    AXL Guitars just announced their new bass, the AXL Marquee Capricorn, will be available this summer. The new bass features an offset Alder body with a 34″ scale maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and two single-coil Alnico pickups (designed by EMG). Finishes include classic black, Olympic white, Lake Placid blue, electric red, sunburst and natural.... »

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  • New F-Light Bass from Rees

    Cambridge, England-based Rees Electric Guitars is releasing a new, lightweight bass guitar. The Rees F-Light bass is a 4-string, 34-inch scale bass guitar, weighing in at just 6 pounds. The bass uses Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass pickups and comes in a variety of wood colors and fretboard wood options. Rees is promoting this as... »

  • Citron’s new J Bass

    Citron unveiled their new 4-String J Bass at NAMM this year. The 2″ thick Jazz has a Maple top over a honeycombed Ash body, a three-piece laminated Maple neck and a pau ferro fingerboard. Electronics include a volume control for each pickup, a passive tone, and treble and OPB1 bass boost by Aguilar. The company... »

  • New Peavey Cirrus Series Rudy Sarzo Signature Bass

    In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Cirrus bass, Peavey has brought out a limited edition hand-crafted Rudy Sarzo signature model. The Cirrus series features exotic woods, resonant neck-through-body design, and studio-quiet active electronics that make it a showcase of craftsmanship and technology. The Sarzo model is a four-string, and has a glossy, hand-stained... »

  • Fernandes introduces Tony Campos signature bass

    Tony Campos (Static-X, Asesino) will be showing off his new Fernandes signature five-string bass on Friday at the NAMM show. If you’re lucky enough to know the right people, you can see him (and the bass) today at 1:30, at the Fernandes booth, 5960. »