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  • Gear Watch: Team Awesome! Fuzzmachine Re-Released

    Gear Watch: Team Awesome! Fuzzmachine Re-Released

    Smallsound/Bigsound has released an updated version of their Team Awesome! Fuzzmachine bass fuzz pedal. The new stompbox includes added controls that allow for blending overdrive and fuzz, phase inversion, and higher gain levels. The input signal is split into two channels for clean and fuzz, both having their own volume controls. Also added is an... »

  • Gear Watch: Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Compressor Pedal

    Gear Watch: Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Compressor Pedal

    Effectrode is now shipping their new PC-2A Photo-optical Compressor pedal, which boasts a pure analog signal path. The pedal is built around a hand-selected photo-cell, polyester coupling capacitors, precision metal film resistors, and an NOS tube. NOS stands for “new old stock,” or tubes that were manufactured years ago, but were never used. The PC-2A... »

  • Gear Watch: Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal

    Dunlop has released the DVP1 Volume pedal, featuring a Steel Band Drive that greatly reduces friction for smooth volume swells. The pedal is built ergonomically, with a durable high friction tread to prevent slipping. Made of a lightweight aluminum, the pedal also features high-quality low-noise components to keep your signal path as clean as possible.... »

  • Gear Watch: DDyna Music BASS10 Compressor Pedal

    Gear Watch: DDyna Music BASS10 Compressor Pedal

    DDyna Music has announced the release of the BASS10 Compressor pedal. It’s the first in their new “GainShaper Series” of effects pedals, and features 4 Bandpass Filters for dialing entire bands of frequencies in or out. The EQ drives a Relaxed Squeeze Compressor with an auto-return to 0dB, giving a musically soothing response. It also... »

  • Gear Watch: Aguilar Amplification Announces Filter Twin

    Gear Watch: Aguilar Amplification Announces Filter Twin

    Aguilar Amplification is introducing a new dual envelop filter to their line of pedals. The Filter Twin uses two identical filters sweeping in opposite directions, one up and one down to deliver 70’s-inspired funk sounds as well as new filter tones. The Filter Twin uses a four-knob layout, including blend, threshold, velocity (up and down).... »

  • Gear Watch: DMB Bumble Bass Overdrive

    DMB Pedals is releasing The Bumble, a new bass overdrive pedal to their line. The pedal will be available on June 15th. The Bumble’s clipping section is designed specifically for bass frequencies and uses DMB’s “Class A” mixer technology for tone control. The Bumble is true bypass and runs from a standard 9v power supply... »

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  • Gear Watch: FEA Labs Opti-FET Compressor Pedal

    FEA Labs has unveiled the newest pedal in their product line: the Opti-FET Compressor. The pedal uses a combination of optical elements for compression as well as 100% “class A” FET-discrete amplification for the signal path. The Opti-FET has a side-chain control circuit with a 3-band equalizer and a loop to give you tons of... »

  • Gear Watch: Aguilar AGRO Bass Overdrive Pedal

    Gear Watch: Aguilar AGRO Bass Overdrive Pedal

    Aguilar Amplification is announcing a new addition to their new line of effects, the AGRO bass overdrive pedal. The AGRO is based on the saturation channel of Aguilar’s AG 500 bass head to bring warm, tube-like overdrive to full distortion. The pedal consists of a 4-knob layout, allowing control over saturation, contour, presence and output... »

  • Gear Watch: Pro Tone Pedals Blasko Bass Overdrive Pedal

    Pro Tone Pedals has teamed up with metal bassist Blasko to produce the Blasko Bass Overdrive Pedal. The pedal is designed to be tonally versatile, which is “something Blasko needs as he rips through rock anthems as well as ballads onstage with Ozzy Osbourne.” The Blasko pedal, which is hand made in the USA, has... »

  • Gear Watch: Morley Mini Wah and Mini Volume Pedals

    In response to complaints about the amount of space wah and volume pedals take up on pedalboards, Morley has released new, smaller scale versions of their respective effects boxes. The Morley Mini Wah and Volume pedals measure 6.75” in length, 4.5” wide and 2.75” in height. The Morley Mini Wah features an On/Off switch and... »