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  • Petros Klampanis: Minor Dispute

    Petros Klampanis: Minor Dispute

    Bassist Petros Klampanis is working on his next album and has released this awesome video for the title track. The group mixes jazz, world music, and chamber music into a beautifully organic style of music. Klampanis is currently raising money for his album on Kickstarter. »

  • Petros Klampanis: Blackbird

    Petros Klampanis: Blackbird

    “Blackbird” is a song many bassists cover, but Petros Klampanis takes it in his own direction in this video with vocalist Sofia Ribeiro and percussionist Marcelo Woloski. Starting with an intimate bass/voice duet, the song soon kicks into a beautiful groove with Ribeiro’s voice soaring over top. The song is also available on the bassist’s... »

  • Petros Klampanis: “Countdown” Solo Looping Double Bass

    Petros Klampanis: “Countdown” Solo Looping Double Bass

    Here’s an awesome rendition of the classic John Coltrane tune “Countdown,” performed by Petros Klampanis. The bassist gets creative with harmonics, insane rhythms, and a shaker attached to his ankle. »

  • Petros Klampanis: Solo Double Bass Arrangement of Skylark

    Petros Klampanis: Solo Double Bass Arrangement of Skylark

    Petros Klampanis sent us this video of his solo bass arrangement for the jazz standard ballad “Skylark.” This track is also featured on his solo debut album, Contextual. Klampanis plays the head in a “Boleroish” way before busting out the looper at the end for a mesmerizing vamp. Have a video you’d like to share?... »

  • Petros Klampanis: Basscape

    Petros Klampanis: Basscape

    Greek bassist Petros Klampanis proves for us again that all you need is bass. Utilizing his upright and a looper, Klampanis lays down a cool groove on his tune “Basscape,” written in 11/8 time. »

  • Petros Klampanis Releases Contextual

    Petros Klampanis Releases Contextual

    Bassist/composer/arranger Petros Klampanis has released his debut album, Contextual, on Inner Circle Music. The ten track collection includes a mix of original compositions and covers, including a rousing rendition of the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” featuring the vocals by Gretchen Parlato. Klampanis also tackles electric bassist Gary Willis’ “The Necessary Blonde” with a string quartet arrangement. Among... »