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  • YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Tim Starace’s Isolated Bass)

    YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Tim Starace’s Isolated Bass)

    YYNOT’s Tim Starace is often asked how he gets his tone on the tracks he records with the band. In this isolated bass clip, Tim’s decided to showcase his monster tone – and provide the details on how he gets it. This is from YYNOT’s original, “Kingdom Come.” As for his set up, here’s what... »

  • YYNOT: The Curtain Falls

    YYNOT: The Curtain Falls

    YYNOT recorded a video for their latest Rush-inspired original, which was released in March. “The Curtain Falls” features some gritty bass by Tim Starace, as well as the band’s new drummer, Chris Moore. The track is available on YYNOT’s Bandcamp page. »

  • YYNOT: Prelude

    YYNOT: Prelude

    As we mentioned in their “YYZ” video, YYNOT has a new drummer (Chris Moore). And so they’re recording lots of new versions of their epic Rush covers with this new lineup. As always, the bass (and more) is handled by Tim Starace, with Billy Alexander on guitar and Rocky Kuner on vocals. In this video,... »

  • YYNOT: What You’re Doing

    YYNOT: What You’re Doing

    Time for some more goodness from our favorite Rush cover band. In this video, the quartet goes old school with “What You’re Doing,” from Rush’s debut album. As always, the gritty tone of Tim Starace and his Ric is on display. »



    This is the one I’ve been waiting for from YYNOT. The virtual Rush cover band has just released their cover of “YYZ.” This is their first video with the band’s new drummer, Chris Moore, who joins bassist Tim Starace and guitarist Billy Alexander. Tim even handles the keyboards on this one, Geddy-style. »

  • YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Official)

    YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Official)

    Last June, we featured the audio track for YYNOT’s original tune, “Kingdom Come.” Now the band has released their official video. The Rush-inspired virtual band did this video the way they’ve put together all their terrific covers: shot/recorded in multiple locations, including Southern California, Florida, and Nashville. As always, Tim Starace drives things with his... »

  • YYNOT: Making Memories / Best I Can

    YYNOT: Making Memories / Best I Can

    YYNOT is going old school with a couple of covers from Rush’s Fly by Night. Here’s “Making Memories” and “Best I Can” performed by the best Rush cover band we’ve ever seen. Tim Starace once again nails the lines and that tone! »

  • YYNOT: 2112 (Overture/The Temples of Syrinx)

    YYNOT: 2112 (Overture/The Temples of Syrinx)

    YYNOT’s latest virtual Rush cover brings back a lot of memories of spinning 2112 back in the day. Our good friend Tim Starace handles the bass and air drums on this one. And once again, they nail it. »

  • YYNOT: Losing It

    YYNOT: Losing It

    Since it’s debut on the 1982 album, Signals, Rush hadn’t performed “Losing It” live. That all changed on Rush’s R40 tour, where they performed the tune during their stop in Toronto on June 19, 2015. Joining them on stage was violinist Ben Mink, who performed on the original track. YYNOT decided to take the R40... »

  • YYNOT: La Villa Strangiato

    YYNOT: La Villa Strangiato

    The guys known as YYNOT have done it again – nailing yet another virtual Rush cover. In case you’ve missed the previous videos, guitarist/keyboardist Billy Alexander, drummer/percussionist Rodrigo Concha Tm and bassist Tim Starace don’t live near each other, but they share a common interest – the music of Rush. They record all of their... »