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  • Gear Watch: Kala uBass 2 and Solid Acacia Models

    Kala Brand Music has increased it’s uBass line by adding the uBass 2 and Solid Acacia models. The uBass is an instrument that fuses the strings and sound of a bass with the shape and size of a ukulele. Both new models feature proprietary Polyurethane strings, a passive pickup system, a mahogany neck, and a... »

  • Gear Watch: StageTrix Pedal Fasteners and Risers

    StageTrix has announced two products aimed at dealing with managing multiple pedals. The Pedal Fastener is a hook fastener designed specifically for attaching pedals to pedalboards. The center of the fastener is removable, preserving the pedal’s specification sticker. Pedal Fastener features: Special industrial strength adhesive optimized for pedals Heavy-duty hook fastener ensures solid connection to... »

  • Gear Review: Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

    Gear Review: Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

    Until recently, due to limited budget, I’ve been using the free software looping solution, Mobius. A couple of weeks ago I came across the Boss RC-20XL Phrase Recorder in my local music store. It is the relatively inexpensive (approx. $250) two-pedal ‘middle sibling’ of the Loop Station family; the smaller unit being the one-pedal RC-2... »

  • Gear Watch: Warwick Corvette NT Limited Edition 2010 Bass

    Warwick has unveiled the Corvette NT “Neck-Through” Limited edition 2010 bass, which was designed to combine a modern ergonomic design and the tone of a vintage J-bass. The production of the bass is limited to 300 units. This Corvette’s body is made of light swamp ash with a dark ziricote top accompanied by a matching... »

  • Gear Watch: Ashdown Valve Series Tube Amps

    Ashdown Engineering has released a new line of tube amplifiers. The new valve bass amps include the BTA 200, 300, and 400, the 550 Spyder head and touring combo, the 427 small block head, and the “Little Bastard” head. All of the new products are hand-made in the UK. BTA Line The BTA (Big Tube... »

  • Gear Watch: Luminlay Luminous Inlay Position Markers

    Ever had trouble seeing your position markers on a dark stage? A Japanese company has created a solution called the Luminlay. Available in green or blue, the Luminlay is a highly luminous material that you inlay into the side of your neck where you want your markers. The material is then charged in seconds by... »

  • Gear Watch: Rotosound Introduces New Drop Zone String Sets

    Rotosound’s newest line of roundwound strings are designed for bassists who like to de-tune their instruments. The RS 66LH “Drop Zone” 65 to 130 gauge strings allow a 4-string bassist to drop down to B. The Drop Zone+ set allows 5-string players to drop from low B to F# with 85 to 175 gauge strings.... »

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  • Gear Watch: Fender Introduces New American Deluxe Series Basses

    Fender has updated all three basses in their line of American Deluxe series. The American Deluxe Precision Bass, American Deluxe Jazz Bass and American Deluxe Jazz Bass V include new N3 Noiseless pickups, improved electronics, and active/passive tone control switches. All three also feature an A-string “stealth” string retainer on the headstock (low B string... »

  • Gear Watch: DPA 4099B Upright Bass Mic

    DPA Microphones have announced the newest addition to their 4099 clip mic series with the 4099B for upright bass. The new model sports a clip design which attaches to the E and G- strings below the bridge and a gooseneck design for optimum mic placement. The 4099B is a condenser microphone featuring a supercardioid polar... »

  • Gear Watch: Korg Micrometro Metronome

    Korg has released the Micrometro, a compact clip-on metronome so you can keep time wherever you go. It uses 39 traditional pendulum settings to set the tempo between 40 and 208 beats per minute. It also has seven time signatures provided, as well as duplet, triplet, and quadruplet patterns. Volume is adjustable, and can be... »