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  • Talking Technique: The Pistol Grip

    Talking Technique: The Pistol Grip

    If you’ve been following this column for a while, you know we place a lot of emphasis on the details of good technique, including the left hand. Sometimes, though, we go to see our favorite bass players and they have the “pistol grip”. So is it really necessary to use one finger per fret and... »

  • Talking Technique: Drills for Fills

    Talking Technique: Drills for Fills

    Everyone loves a perfectly placed fill. That’s why today we’ll be going over scalar exercises that will help us create those tasty licks while beefing up our technique. In essence, we’re practicing a scale. Typically when you play a scale, you go from root to root in order. But we’re going to break it down... »

  • Talking Technique: Groove Creation Workout

    Talking Technique: Groove Creation Workout

    Want a formula to create grooves over a chord progression? We’ve got you covered in this lesson with an exercise that bolsters our technique while building grooves with triads. We’ll tackle a I-vi-IV-V chord progression using a formula that has two main ingredients: triad notes and rhythm. The triad notes are already laid out for... »

  • Talking Technique: Talking Double Stops

    Talking Technique: Talking Double Stops

    Looking for ways to spice up your grooves? Double stops are a great option. In their most basic form, double stops are when we play two notes together at the same time. They can sound muddy in some registers of the bass, but we’ll go over some tricks to make them sound like gold. This... »

  • Talking Technique: Two-Octave Triads

    Talking Technique: Two-Octave Triads

    How about some cool two octave triad fills for your grooves? Playing triads over two octaves is surprisingly difficult to do on the bass. Today we’ll cover how to not only master playing those triads over two octaves, but also how to build some cool fills from that tonal material. An important tip ensures that... »

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  • Talking Technique: Talking Triads

    Talking Technique: Talking Triads

    Triads are three note chords that serve as the building blocks of functional harmony. As bass players, it’s important for us to recognize triads by ear and to know how to play them starting on each string in all keys and in all registers of the bass. We’ll focus on the major triad in this... »

  • Talking Technique: Beautiful Practice

    Talking Technique: Beautiful Practice

    This lesson is called “Beautiful Practice” for a reason. Our exercise this week creates a lush harmony and texture all while working out our theory and technique at the same time. The theory portion of this week’s lesson is that we’ll be playing diatonic triads in open voicings. If that sounds foreign to you, don’t... »

  • Talking Technique: Modes on a String

    Talking Technique: Modes on a String

    Typically when we play scales, we play across the strings, but there’s a lot of value in playing all the way up a single string. It helps us to think in positions and to mentally know how many steps you are skipping as you walk up the string. Today we’ll be working on our theory... »

  • Talking Technique: Right Hand Thumbs Up!

    Talking Technique: Right Hand Thumbs Up!

    When you’re playing fingerstyle, where do you put your right thumb? You can anchor it on the pickup, but that can limit your tonal range. You could anchor on the lower strings, but then where do you put it when you need to play those strings? That’s precisely the question we got from a reader,... »

  • Talking Technique: Feeling Rusty?

    Talking Technique: Feeling Rusty?

    So you haven’t gotten to touch your bass in a while. It happens! We all have those times where we don’t get time with our bass for extended periods. When we get the bass in our hands again, our gut instinct is to get all our fast chops back, but that’s not such a great... »