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  • Transcription: Viktor Lörincz’s “Boomerang”

    Transcription: Viktor Lörincz’s “Boomerang”

    This month’s transcription is “Boomerang”, a funk-filled slap-fest from Hungarian bassist Viktor Lörincz we originally featured back in 2011. This chops-heavy piece is a great workout for anyone looking to take their slapping and tapping skills to the next level. Download the transcription (PDF) and follow along: Viktor opens the piece with a Latin-flavored tapping... »

  • Transcription: Periphery’s “Make Total Destroy”

    Transcription: Periphery’s “Make Total Destroy”

    Today I’m going to be talking you through my transcription for my band’s song “Make Total Destroy” from our latest album Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal. (Check out the recent video feature here on No Treble). You’ll need a 5-string bass with 24 frets to be able to play the song in its entirety,... »

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  • Transcription: Colin Hodgkinson’s Catcote Rag

    Transcription: Colin Hodgkinson’s Catcote Rag

    This month’s transcription ties in nicely with the recent feature on underrated bassist Colin Hodgkinson. Colin is a superb bass player, and very unique. During the late sixties and early seventies, he played some truly astonishing bass parts with his trio Back Door, and was even said to have been a big influence on Stanley... »

  • Transcription: Stu Hamm’s “Going to California”

    Transcription: Stu Hamm’s “Going to California”

    This month’s transcription is Stu Hamm’s live performance of the Led Zeppelin classic “Going to California”, which can be heard (and seen) here: You’ll need to detune your E-string to D in order to play this piece. This performance of the song opens with a chord consisting of an open low D-string and A and... »

  • Transcription: Cliff Burton’s “Orion”

    Transcription: Cliff Burton’s “Orion”

    “Orion”, the classic Metallica track that features bassist Cliff Burton in a lead role, was an obvious choice for this month’s transcription. To this day – nearly thirty years after it was recorded – it’s a track that is studied and dissected by metal-loving bass players all over the world. The recent release of the... »

  • Bass Transcription: Evan Marien’s Arrangement of Jaco Pastorius’ “Havona”

    Bass Transcription: Evan Marien’s Arrangement of Jaco Pastorius’ “Havona”

    Evan Marien‘s fantastic take on the Jaco Pastorius-penned classic “Havona” was high on my list of pieces to transcribe for this monthly feature. Evan’s breathtaking melodic soloing on the chord changes simultaneously calls to mind the spirit of the original, while showcasing his own unique melodic voice. Skip to the transcription and video “Havona” has... »

  • Transcription: “No Woman, No Cry” Solo Bass Arrangement

    Transcription: “No Woman, No Cry” Solo Bass Arrangement

    This great version of the Bob Marley classic “No Woman, No Cry” was arranged by popular YouTube bassist Viaceslav Svedov, a talented young musician known for his hard-hitting covers of popular bass-driven songs. This arrangement is performed with the slap technique, and there a few notational elements that you should be aware of: The track... »