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  • Family Guy Theme, Bass-Style

    Family Guy Theme, Bass-Style

    Youtuber allyourbassarebelong got everyone’s attention with his bass-only rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Here’s Ben performing an all-bass version of the theme from “Family Guy”. Which reminds us of another great theme song for bass: Stuart Clayton’s take on “The Simpsons” theme. »

  • Prince: Getting Wild with the Bass

    Prince: Getting Wild with the Bass

    Prince (yes, Prince) straps on a bass for some Larry Graham/Bootsy Collins inspired-playing for his tune “Get Wild.” This was filmed live at The White Room UK in 1994. »

  • Jamiroquai: Love Foolosophy (Live)

    Jamiroquai: Love Foolosophy (Live)

    I only have two words for this video: Funk Ay. This is Jamiroquai performing “Love Foolosophy” live at Abbey Road. Paul Turner is the bassist laying down the funky lines. »

  • Flea: Funk, Punk, Rock, Slap, Interview

    Flea: Funk, Punk, Rock, Slap, Interview

    Taken from a VHS tape released in 1999, here’s Flea with River Phoenix, discussing the techniques and influences behind the bassist’s unique style. Funk, punk, rock, super fast slap (and slower versions)… it is all here. »

  • Esperanza Spalding: “Mela” Live

    Esperanza Spalding: “Mela” Live

    This San Sebastian show, originally broadcast on Spanish TV, features Esperanza Spalding and her band performing “Mela”. The tune was originally recorded for the 2008 release, Esperanza. Part 1: Part 2: »

  • Hadrien Feraud: Opus Pocus

    Hadrien Feraud: Opus Pocus

    As a boy, Hadrien Feraud started out on drums, until he heard Jaco Pastorius’s The Birthday Concert. From that moment, he was a bassist. His fascination with Jaco was just the start, and Hadrien became a notable bassist himself within a few years. Here’s Hadrien performing Jaco’s “Opus Pocus” live in Paris, in 2007. »

  • Primus Releases “Me Llamo Mud”

    Primus Releases “Me Llamo Mud”

    As they wrap up the South American leg of their reunion tour, bass wizard Les Claypool and Primus have released a new version of “My Name is Mud” with all Spanish lyrics. “Me Llamo Mud” is a new recording of the classic track from the trio’s Pork Soda album. The track is available on iTunes,... »

  • Bassida: Ready For The Thing (Live)

    Bassida: Ready For The Thing (Live)

    Check out this live performance by bassist/vocalist Ida Funkhouser, aka Bassida, of her tune “Ready for the Thing”. The song is from her Marmelade album. Bassida recently became Prince’s new bassist. Likely we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the near future. »

  • Justin Schornstein with Danny Mo & The Exciters: Let The Praise Begin

    Justin Schornstein with Danny Mo & The Exciters: Let The Praise Begin

    Here’s a smokin’ cover of Fred Hammond’s “Let the Praise Begin,” from WestFest 5: A Concert To Benefit The Wes Wehmiller Scholarship at Berklee College of Music. The groove is laid down by bassist Justin Schornstein, who won that years scholarship. WesFest 6 was recently announced. »

  • Victor Wooten: Ari’s Eyes (Bass Day 2002)

    Victor Wooten: Ari’s Eyes (Bass Day 2002)

    Here’s Victor Wooten in this performance of “Ari’s Eyes” in 2002. This tune was later released on his 2005 album, . »