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  • Victor Wooten and Stu Hamm Jam: Chameleon

    Victor Wooten and Stu Hamm Jam: Chameleon

    Check out this jam session between Victor Wooten and Stu Hamm at the Hartke booth during Winter NAMM 2009. They’re performing an all bass version of Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon”! »

  • Bass Exploration of Percy Jones

    This clip of fretless bass master Percy Jones comes from his instructional video, “Bass Exploration of Percy Jones”. Jones is joined by Van Manakas on guitar, Marc Wagnon on MIDI vibes and Jonathan Mover on drums. »

  • Avishai Cohen Trio: Gently Disturbed

    Here’s a great live performance of Avishai Cohen and his trio performing “Gently Disturbed” at the Leverkusen Jazztage in 2007. Shai Maestro is on piano and Mark Guiliana is on drums. »

  • Alain Caron: Slam The Clown Live

    Here’s a great way to take a 10 minute break on a Friday: Watch this live performance of Alain Caron and his band at Cabaret de Montreal, performing “Sam The Clown”. Wait for the bass solo! »

  • Antonio Restucci, Emilio Garcia & Marcelo Cordova: Evocacion

    This Chilean trio features Antonio Restucci on acoustic guitar, Emilio Garcia on mandolin and Marcelo Cordova on electric bass. They’re performing the tune “Evocacion” live in a Chilean jazz club. »

  • Victor L. Solo Tap Bass: A csitári hegyek alatt

    This is the Hungarian folk song, “A csitári hegyek alatt”, adapted to bass guitar and performed by Lőrincz Viktor, aka Victor L. »

  • Guy Nsangue: Live Bass Solo with Jean-Luc Ponty

    There seems to be something in the water in Cameroon that makes the country produce great bass players. This video features a live solo from Cameroonian bass player Guy Nsaunge, who plays with French virtuosic violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. »

  • Buddy Hankerson: Funk Jam, 1984

    Buddy Hankerson (of Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame) was a man ahead of his time. Check out this performance, filmed 26 years ago. »

  • The Bad Plus: And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation

    Today’s featured video comes by recommendation from Ingrid Pastorius. The Bad Plus is a jazz trio including bassist Reid Anderson, drummer David King and pianist Ethan Iverson. Enjoy! »

  • Ran Levi (aka Bassran): Bass Solo

    Ran Levi (aka Bassran): Bass Solo

    Here’s Israeli bassist Ran Levi doing a cool bass solo on his 6-string Ken Smith bass. I like his phrasing a lot. »