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  • Ariane Cap: Solo Bass in Stereo

    Ariane Cap: Solo Bass in Stereo

    Grab a pair of headphones and get ready for a cool sonic experience. Ariane Cap put together an awesome solo bass jam in stereo with different lines panned left and right to please your ear holes. “All six string bass, a looper, a Delay pedal and a Slicer Pedal create all the mayhem,” Cap writes.... »

  • Vulfpeck: Fugue State

    Vulfpeck: Fugue State

    Vulfpeck released their next video from Fugue State, and this one is the terrific title track from that album. By now you know the guys, starting with our hero, Joe Dart on bass, with Jack Stratton on drums, Woody Goss on Wurlitzer (and the composer) and Theo Katzman on guitar. These guys just bring it,... »

  • The Who: 5:15, Live at The Royal Albert Hall

    The Who: 5:15, Live at The Royal Albert Hall

    When it comes to a huge bass tone, it doesn’t get much bigger than John Entwistle’s signature sound. Today we’re celebrating what would be the Ox’s 70th birthday with a clip that proves that point. Taken from The Who’s performance at Royal Albert Hall in 2000, Entwistle lays down a mighty groove on the song... »

  • Paula Zimbres: Quatro Pontes

    Paula Zimbres: Quatro Pontes

    Our Facebook friend Ricardo Franco sent us this video of Brazilian bassist/vocalist Paula Zimbres performing her song “Quatro Pontes” at Sofar Brasília from May 2014. Accompanied by guitar, Zimbres starts by vocalizing with her bass line before laying more of a foundation on her fretless. She then goes on to take a thoughtful solo at... »

  • Zander Zon: Skrillex “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” Solo Bass Performance

    Zander Zon: Skrillex “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” Solo Bass Performance

    Good news! Zander Zon looks to be well recovered from his recent injury and back to playing his incredible bass arrangements. This time around, Zander is performing an all-bass cover of “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” by the dubstep group, Skrillex. “The melody lines were what interested me about the piece,” Zander shares. “I thought... »

  • Nathan Navarro: The Beatles’ “Because” Solo Bass Arrangement

    Nathan Navarro: The Beatles’ “Because” Solo Bass Arrangement

    I always love it when Nathan Navarro puts out a new video, and this is one of my favorites. He takes the classic Beatles tune “Because” and perfectly captures its ethereal vibe with a heavy reverb. Navarro shared the video on his Facebook page noting, “Here’s an interesting quote from John Lennon: ‘Yoko was playing... »

  • The Physics House Band: Teratology

    The Physics House Band: Teratology

    Our Facebook friend Tanner Feazell sent us a clip of the experimental rock group The Physics House Band performing their song “Teratology.” The group’s bold sound is held together by bassist Adam Hutchinson, who throws in some nasty fills between grooves. “I stumbled upon these guys today and loved it! Hope you guys enjoy it,... »

  • Flying Colors: Mask Machine

    Flying Colors: Mask Machine

    The supergroup known as Flying Colors has released their second album, Second Nature. One thing we love about it is the second song on the album, because it kicks off with some gnarly bass by Dave LaRue. What else needs to be said? »

  • Stevie Wonder: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Live)

    Stevie Wonder: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Live)

    Last week, we shared the exciting news that Stevie Wonder will be hitting the road next month for his first tour in five years. Bassist Nate Watts will be holding down the low end once again for the R&B legend. The whole thing got my on a Stevie Wonder kick… including this live performance of... »

  • Sting: Demolition Man (Live)

    Sting: Demolition Man (Live)

    Today we celebrate the birthday of Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (you may know him better as Sting). As many here, I was a big fan of The Police back in the day, so it was cool to hear that Sting was doing a “Back to the Bass” tour in 2011. Here’s Sting on that tour... »