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  • P-Nut Interview at NAMM 2009

    P-Nut Interview at NAMM 2009

    311 bassist P-Nut was interviewed during NAMM 2009, talking basses and amps, stage volume, and why we play bass. Oh he, jams too. Enjoy! »

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  • Felix Pastorius and The Heavy Pets: Nautilus

    Felix Pastorius and The Heavy Pets: Nautilus

    Today’s featured video kicks off the week just right. Felix Pastorius and his band, The Heavy Pets, performs “Nautilus” in front of a live audience at the Maple Leaf in New Orleans, LA. The band is joined by Flecktones sax man, Jeff Coffin, which only adds to the greatness. »

  • Brian Bromberg: I Got Rhythm

    Brian Bromberg: I Got Rhythm

    Our good friend Caleb (a piano player, but still cool), recommended today’s featured video, Brian Bromberg playing “I Got Rhythm” with Akira Jimbo and Otmaro Ruiz. Be sure to check out the solo! »

  • Michael Manring: Helios

    Michael Manring: Helios

    We’re a week away from seeing Michael Manring live, and so we’ve decided to get ready with a few Youtube videos. Here’s Michael playing “Helios”, from his album Soliloquy on his Hyperbass: »

  • Alphonso Johnson’s “Black Market” Performance

    Alphonso Johnson’s “Black Market” Performance

    Alphonso Johnson is a favorite of ours, and he proves once again how Joe Zawinul really knew how to pick bass players. Alphonso was replaced by Jaco Pastorius, and both appeared on Weather Report’s Black Market. Many people think Jaco held down the bass for the title track, but it was indeed Alphonso Johnson. Jaco... »

  • FuryMuso Playing Muse

    FuryMuso Playing Muse

    Today’s featured player is FuryMuso, performing Muse’s “Easily”. »

  • Walter Barnes: NAMM Bass Bash 2009

    Bassist Walter Barnes is featured along with guitarist Tony Pulizzi, drummer Rob Hubbard, Jr. and saxophonist Keith McKelly at the NAMM Bass Bash 2009 in Anaheim, California. Enjoy “Song For Wayman”: »

  • Paul McCartney Teaches You How to Play the Bass

    Paul McCartney Teaches You How to Play the Bass

    In a promotional video for his latest album, Paul McCartney shows his playing technique in a brief instructional video covering bass, guitar and drums. This video doesn’t cover more advanced “fiddly bits”, but is fun to watch: »

  • Gary Willis & Tribal Tech: Speak

    Today’s featured vid showcases the only and only Gary Willis doing his thing in a live performance with Tribal Tech. »

  • Miles Mosley: Shine

    Miles Mosley: Shine

    Since Miles Mosley hit our radar with his Voodoo Child performance, we’ve been listening and watching to everything we can find. His live performance of “Shine” is really impressive: Now we hope there’s a chance for these video performances to be released as high quality audio. The studio stuff is great too. »