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  • Johnny Brown’s Fretted/Fretless Bass

    Johnny Brown’s Fretted/Fretless Bass

    Fretted or Fretless? How about both? Check out Johnny Brown doing some fretted/fretless solo bass during the 2008 NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Tip of the hat to Danny Mac. »

  • Abe Laboriel: live in Japan

    Abraham Laboriel is the man, and doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves these days. Check out Abe in this live performance in Japan. Bonus points to anyone who knows the line-up/concert details. Just post in the comments. »

  • Todd Johnson & Alun Vaughan: Blue Bossa

    Our new Twitter friend Alun Vaughan sent us this video featuring bassist Todd Johnson performing with Alun at a Bass Masterclass in Cardiff, Wales last year. For more, check out »

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  • Robert Riegler: Passing Glance

    Today’s featured video showcases the work of Austrian bass player Robert Riegler, performing Ralph Thenner’s Passing Glance. Enjoy! »

  • Kilian Duarte: Talking Bass

    Kilian Duarte sent in this video, from his Berklee bass department concert this year. Bass, loops and talk box. Wow! Check out more videos by Killian. »

  • Edgar Meyer and Victor Wooten: Two players, one bass

    This is about the craziest bass duet we’ve ever seen. Did these guys even miss a beat? »

  • Michel Camilo & Anthony Jackson live: From Within

    Today’s featured video shows off the amazing trio of pianist Michel Camilo, bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Horacio Hernandez, performing live. »

  • Grant Stinnett: Solo bass improv

    Check out this solo bass improv (with loop machine) from bassist Grant Stinnett! We last covered Grant when he performed with Project M, a bass quartet with Michael Manring, Rob Gourlay and Jim Stinnett. »

  • Maximo Pera Renauld: Bass Players

    Maximo Pera Renauld, Argentinian bassist and multi-instrumentalist, has released five CDs under his own name, and judging from what can be found on his YouTube channel, they are probably worth investing in! He only has 11 videos on his channel so be sure to check them all out. This video features his song “Bajeros” (Bass... »