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  • Tom Desmond: Yardbush (AKA Ridiculous Bass Melody / Solo)

    Tom Desmond first caught my attention with a series of wonderfully weird videos (including this one) which both made me giggle and demonstrated his playing abilities. Here’s his tune Yardbush accompanied by NYC scenes: Check out his Myspace page. »

  • Junior “Braguinha” Ribeiro: Groove

    Here’s Brazilian bass player Junior Ribeiro (also known as Braguinha) laying down a mean groove and soloing over it. The only bad thing about this video is that it’s way too short! »

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  • Michel Petricciani: September Second, with Anthony Jackson

    Michel Petrucciani unfortunately only lived to be 36, but composed a lot of great music before he passed. Petrucciani played with many great bass players including Ron Carter, Stanley Clarke, NHØP, Eddie Gomez, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden, Anthony Jackson, Marcus Miller and many others. Here’s his tune “September Second” with Anthony Jackson on the bass... »

  • Mike Stern Group: Chromazon, with Lincoln Goines

    Check out this 20 year old (!) video of the Mike Stern Group performing live in New York City in 1990. The line up includes Lincoln Goines on bass, Dennis Chambers on drums, Bob Berg on sax and Stern on guitar. Part 1: And Part 2: »

  • Leo Fender and the History of the Electric Bass

    Leo Fender and the History of the Electric Bass

    A guy who goes by the name “davey4557” on Youtube has posted a short but amazing video on the history of the electric bass and Leo Fender. While it is very cool to see the progression of Leo’s basses, I had serious gear envy after realizing all the basses in the video belong to Davey.... »

  • Bootsy Collins: Another Point of View

    We get a lot of requests to feature Bootsy Collins videos, so here’s a great classic Bootsy Collins Rubber Band performance of “Another Point of View”. Funky! »

  • Tony Senatore on 12-string & Percy Jones on Fretless: Holyland

    Here’s an excerpt from Tony Senatore’s DVD called A 12 String Bass X-Ploration. This track is called “Holyland” and features Tony Senatore on the 12 string bass and the great Percy Jones on fretless bass. For details on the DVD and how to get it, visit »

  • Alec Harrison: Last of the Light

    Alec Harrison: Last of the Light

    Alec Harrison is a young and talented solo bassist from England who currently lives in New Zealand, where he is writing material for his new album. He released a solo album in 2009 called Last of the Light, which features 5 original songs played on his piccolo bass. Here is the title track: »

  • Matthew Garrison and Edmar Castaneda: Epifani Jam

    Here are two amazing musicians in action, having a jam in the Epifani shop in Brooklyn: Edmar Castaneda on the harp and Matthew Garrison on his signature 5-string Fodera bass. »

  • Dave Holland Quintet: Free for All

    Here’s a live performance of Dave Holland with his Quintet at the Newport Jazz Festival, performing “Free for All”. »