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  • Ray Brown Trio: A Night In Tunisia

    Today’s video comes as a recommendation from our Facebook friend, Eddie Lee, who posted this to our page: “Had to share this with you guys… No bass solo-shock-horror! Just a lovely little arrangement and some funky stuff from the great RB.” RB, of course, is the great Ray Brown. Here’s Ray and his trio (including... »

  • Stanley Clarke interview with NBC News (80’s)

    In what is obviously a clip from the 80’s, here’s Brian Madden of NBC News doing an interview/story on Stanley Clarke. Is it okay if we say how glad we are that the 80’s hairstyles, clothes, eyewear and synthesizers are long gone? »

  • Flea Plays National Anthem Before BCS Game

    Flea Plays National Anthem Before BCS Game

    Flea performed the national anthem with Josh Groban at the Rose Bowl BCS National Championship football game a couple of days ago: Personally, we like the performance he did before the Lakers game better: »

  • Damian Erskine live: Fif

    Check out this live performance of Damian Erskine and his band performing one of Damian’s tunes, “Fif”. The performance took place in Portland, at the Mission Theatre. Awesome tune. Maybe someone can Ask Damian Erskine what the time signature is! »

  • Janek Gwizdala: Live Loop Jam

    Janek Gwizdala: Live Loop Jam

    We’re getting excited about winter NAMM next week, and here’s a warm-up… bassist Janek Gwizdala performing at the TC Electronic booth during last year’s winter NAMM show. For more on Janek, visit his web site. »

  • 3 Views on Jaco: Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller and Peter Erskine

    3 Views on Jaco: Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller and Peter Erskine

    Here is another set of videos recommended by Ingrid Pastorius: Three parts to a broader video piece, with Joe Zawinul, Marcus Miller and Peter Erskine each being interviewed about Jaco Pastorius. Intro (with Joe Zawinul): Marcus Miller: Peter Erskine: We’d love to know more about this project… if anyone has information on it, please drop... »

  • Nico Assumpção: upright bass solo

    Here’s a great solo by upright player Nico Assumpção, recorded in the 1970’s. Anyone know more about this performance? »

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  • Marcus Miller: solo at Festival De Jazz De Vitoria

    Check out Marcus Miller, along with Victor Wooten at the Vitoria Jazz Festival in July, 2009. Marcus once again pays tribute to Michael Jackson during his solo. »

  • Dave Holland solo: Recorda Me

    In 1993, Dave Holland took the stage with the Joe Henderson Trio in Muenchner Klaviersommer. Here’s a clip of Dave taking a solo during the song “Recorda Me”. »

  • Ani-Zoo: The Recital

    Today’s video comes from Japanese bassist Ani-Zoo‘s DVD release, “The Recital”. We can’t find much info on the DVD at this point (we’d love to get a copy!), but you can check out more about Ani-Zoo at his web site. »