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  • Gary Willis “Self Defense” solo

    We came across this great video of bassist Gary Willis playing an incredible bass solo: Willis founded the jazz-fusion group Tribal Tech with Scott Henderson in 1984. He has also worked with other notable musicians including Wayne Shorter, Dennis Chambers, and Allan Holdsworth. »

  • Greg Bagley: How Insensitive

    Greg Bagley is a Seattle-based freelance bassist who currently endorses Kinal basses. By the looks of his videos on Youtube, it seems that he can play just about any style well. He also shows off several of those Kinals and other basses. This is his solo bass version of How Insensitive by Antonio Carlos Jobim... »

  • Robert Trujillo’s HardTimes interview

    Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recently shared his personal views on the environment and taking care of yourself, in a 12 minute interview with The interview took place while Metallica was in Montreal, and also covers topics from Metallica’s band dynamics, veganism, surfing and pre-show rituals. Metallica donated $21,462 to Sun Youth in Montreal from... »

  • Victor Wooten, Anthony Wellington & David Pastorius clinic jam

    Here’s a cool video of Victor Wooten leading a bass clinic in Orlando, Florida along with bassists Anthony Wellington and David Pastorius. More proof that there’s never too many bass players (or Hartke amps, it seems!) »

  • Ida Funkhouser: Poppy fx solo

    Ida Funkhouser: Poppy fx solo

    Everyone loves funk, and bassist Ida Funkhouser aka Ida Kristine Nielsen brings it home with her slap bass style and cool vocals. Check out this killer solo by Funkhouser: Funkhouser currently plays in Zap Mama and is working on her own music which is “a mix of old school funk, hiphop and ear catching soul.... »

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  • Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Shadows & Light Solo

    Jaco Pastorius: The Complete Shadows & Light Solo

    For years, Jaco Pastorius‘s “Slang” solo on Joni Mitchell’s Shadows & Light DVD has been a wildly popular clip. Turns out, we’ve only heard part of it. Obviously, someone in the editing room decided to cut Jaco’s solo down for the DVD. Thankfully, we can now hear the complete solo, including parts of “Chromatic Fantasy”.... »

  • Esperanza Spalding performing Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed”

    Esperanza Spalding performing Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed”

    Bassist Esperanza Spalding performed at the White House for the Obama family in early 2009, celebrating the music of Stevie Wonder. This video clip includes her performance of “Overjoyed”. Spalding is currently on tour and will continue to be through December of 2009. A complete tour list is available from her web site. »

  • Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile: The Farmer & The Duck

    Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile: The Farmer & The Duck

    Today’s featured video showcases a nice duet between bassist Edgar Meyer and Nickel Creek’s Chris Thile. The recording took place on October 24, 2008 at University of Chicago’s Mandel Hall. »

  • Dominique Di Piazza’s amazing bass solo

    Do we really need words for this? I don’t think so. »

  • Furtok and Stähle: Gran Duetto No 2 Finale

    For you classical music fans out there we found this remarkable video of Boguslaw Furtok and Johannes Stähle performing Giovanni Bottesini’s “Gran Duetto No 2 Finale.” A little history lesson, Bottesini was an Italian Romantic composer (1821-1889), conductor, and a double bass virtuoso. Bottesini is credited as being one of the main virtuoso composers to... »