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  • MarloweDK: Slow Funk Groove in Dm

    MarloweDK: Slow Funk Groove in Dm

    It is always great to see MarloweDK doing his thing, and he’s back with a new video. Here’s what he describes as a “thumb plucking, finger picking bass groove in D, using (as always) as many open strings as possible.” This one grooves. »

  • Jonathan Scales Fourchestra: Live with MonoNeon

    Jonathan Scales Fourchestra: Live with MonoNeon

    Over the years, we’ve shared videos by Jonathan Scales Fourchestra featuring some stellar bassists. Here’s another to add to the list. MonoNeon joined the band for their performance in Asheville, NC on October 20th, 2016. Thanks to videographer Barry2theB, we have some of the footage of that show. »

  • Aaron Gibson: Hand in Hand

    Aaron Gibson: Hand in Hand

    We’re big fans of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts. We’d love them even more if they had one with a solo bassist. Aaron Gibson just created his video entry for submission to NPR with his tune, “Hand in Hand.” “I just realized this was happening, so I grabbed my camera, plopped it on the desk and... »

  • Bokanté: Jou Ké Ouvè

    Bokanté: Jou Ké Ouvè

    Bokanté is a new band and experiment by Snarky Puppy founder and GroundUP Music creator Michael League. For the most part, League plays baritone guitar in this group, but he also doubles on bass. “The word bokanté means “exchange” in Creole, the language of vocalist Malika Tirolien’s youth growing up on the Caribbean island of... »

  • Dmitry Lisenko: Illusion Of Change

    Dmitry Lisenko: Illusion Of Change

    Dmitry Lisenko shared his latest video with us, which is a sneak preview of his upcoming solo album. “Illusion Of Change” once again showcases his interesting percussive fingerstyle bass technique. We can’t wait for the album to drop. »

  • Peekaboom & Valerio Fuiano: Hysteria

    Peekaboom & Valerio Fuiano: Hysteria

    Simone Masina sent us Peekaboom’s latest video, with some exciting news. The duo of Simone and vocalist Angelica Lubian were joined by Valerio Fuiano, who added some extra sounds using GeoShred on an iPad on their cover of Muse’s “Hysteria.” It turns out this video caught some attention early on: “Jordan Rudess, among the greatest... »

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  • Magnus Sjöquist: Blackbird

    Magnus Sjöquist: Blackbird

    Our good friend Magnus Sjöquist just sent his newest video with us, which was inspired by another one we shared recently. “I just saw an amazing cover of Blackbird by Jakob and Anna from Sweden on No Treble! I though I would join in an send you my solo arrangement that is bass+voice by one... »

  • Diego Tarantino: Nuages

    Diego Tarantino: Nuages

    Diego Tarantino sent us one of his latest videos, and once again, he knocked us out. Diego took one of Django Reinhardt’s most popular tunes, “Nuages,” and turned it into an all-bass arrangement. »

  • YYNOT: Making Memories / Best I Can

    YYNOT: Making Memories / Best I Can

    YYNOT is going old school with a couple of covers from Rush’s Fly by Night. Here’s “Making Memories” and “Best I Can” performed by the best Rush cover band we’ve ever seen. Tim Starace once again nails the lines and that tone! »

  • Richard Bona and Raul Midon: Teen Town

    Richard Bona and Raul Midon: Teen Town

    Here’s an incredible fan shot video of Richard Bona and Raul Midon performing Jaco’s “Teen Town” live in Tokyo in 2013. In addition to nailing the tune, Bona and Midon trade some pretty sick solos. »