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  • Stevie Wonder: Live on Musikladen/Beat Club, 1974

    Stevie Wonder: Live on Musikladen/Beat Club, 1974

    I watched this awesome Stevie Wonder performance a couple of times trying to figure out which song to feature. Finally, I realized you should watch the whole thing. Taken from a 1974 show for Musikladen (formerly The Beat Club), the clip has the great Reggie McBride laying it down on some of Wonder’s greatest hits... »

  • Anthony Brancati: Neo-Funk

    Anthony Brancati: Neo-Funk

    Keyboardist Anthony Brancati put together a funky band for this recording of the aptly named “Neo-Funk.” Wesley Allen handles the groovy bass on this, which also features drummer Larnell Lewis. Dig it. »

  • Mark Lettieri: Slant

    Mark Lettieri: Slant

    Wes Stephenson is a favorite around here, thanks in part to his work with the Funky Knuckles. Here’s Wes laying down the low end with Mark Lettieri’s band, on the tune “Slant.” The track is from the band’s album, . »

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  • Naked Giants: Twist

    Naked Giants: Twist

    KEXP is a constant source of musical discovery for us, and we just checked out Naked Giants for the first time on their channel. Here’s the band, anchored by bassist Gianni Aiello, performing their tune, “Twist.” We’re really digging this. »

  • Powafunk: Lost In Your Eyes (Bass & Drum Play-Along)

    Powafunk: Lost In Your Eyes (Bass & Drum Play-Along)

    Powafunk bassist Charlie Moreno sent me this video play-along video to their track, “Lost In Your Eyes.” “It’s the trickiest song on our record, so I decided to make a video of just Jeffe Otto and me playing it,” Moreno shared. »

  • Ewan Cunningham: Echoes

    Ewan Cunningham: Echoes

    Today’s video doesn’t feature a complicated bass line, but it more than makes up for that. Ewan Cunningham is an 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist who started out on drums at the age of 4. “…Now I’m branching out into other instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals. I’ve been teaching myself to mix, record and film... »

  • Olivier Pinard: Cryptopsy’s “White Worms” Bass Playthrough

    Olivier Pinard: Cryptopsy’s “White Worms” Bass Playthrough

    Get ready for an aural assault: Olivier Pinard has released a new playthrough video for “White Worms” by Cryptopsy, and it’s super heavy. Pinard rips through the blazing tempo with incredible veracity and right hand technique. This playthrough is not for the faint of heart. »

  • Zander Zon: Castle on the Hill

    Zander Zon: Castle on the Hill

    Zander Zon and his fretless bass are back with another fantastic solo bass cover. In this clip, Zander performs his arrangement of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill.” Enjoy. »

  • What a Day: Mardi Gras Mambo

    What a Day: Mardi Gras Mambo

    The unconventional duo What a Day, consisting of upright bassist Jonathan Joly and singer/typist Leah Gracie, are ready for Mardi Gras this year with a cover of the classic song “Mardi Gras Mambo.” Joly handles all of the harmonic accompaniment with a simultaneous bass line and countermelody on his upright while Gracie leads with her... »

  • Steely Dan: Gaslighting Abbie

    Steely Dan: Gaslighting Abbie

    As a lifelong Steely Dan fan, I was so thrilled when Two Against Nature came out. That was in large part to the opening track, “Gaslighting Abbie.” Hard to believe that was 17 years ago. Here’s the band performing the track live, with Tom Barney laying it down. »