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  • Bootsy Collins: live bass solo

    All we can say is this: It’s Bootsy! Oh yeah, and try not to look at the guy behind him. »

  • Someday You’ll Find Me: a bass tapping solo by Mike Hill

    Mike Hill plays with the Johnny Hiland Band, and he lays down a solid groove. After a 2-hour private lesson with Victor Wooten, he started exploring different concepts of the bass resulting in some solo compositions, like this one: For more Mike Hill check out his Myspace page. »

  • Zander Zon: Epic Love

    I spent a lot of time this weekend watching videos by Youtuber Zander Zon, sorry I hadn’t heard of him sooner. It was hard to pick one video to feature, but here goes: “Epic Love” is an original composition by Zander (or is it Mr. Zon?), played on his Zon VB4 bass with D’Addario Piccolo... »

  • Ray Riendeau: Actual Proof

    Hot off the presses, check out bassist Ray Riendeau and drummer Martin Diamond nail Herbie Hancock’s “Actual Proof”. Tight. »

  • Menn Ársins: Live

    Our good Twitter friend and bassist Sigurdór sends us this video, featuring his band in a recent live performance. We’re on the lookout for more great videos. Post ’em to our group. »

  • Adrian Belew Power Trio, Featuring Julie Slick

    Adrian Belew Power Trio, Featuring Julie Slick

    Robin Slick shared this video with us, via Twitter. Robin is the “mother of 2/3 of Adrian Belew Power Trio”. Her daughter, Julie Slick is the bassist, and her son, Eric Slick, is the drummer. Thanks, @RobinSlick. And well done. »

  • Mark Hoppus red carpet interview

    Bassist/producer Mark Hoppus posted this video of an interview he did with Hollywood Press. They didn’t talk about our favorite subject (bass), but they did talk about one of our second favorites (Twitter). Mark shares, “This is post about a tweet that happened on the red carpet that I tweeted and then they posted and... »

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  • Vincenzo Maurogiovanni: European Bass Day medley performance

    Vincenzo Maurogiovanni is a talented bassist and teacher from Bari, Italy who first rose to international recognition when he entered and won the European Bass Day Solo Bass competition in front of a panel consisting of Alain Caron, Matthew Garrison, Lincoln Goines, Hadrien Feraud, Pippo Matino, Dario Deidda and Fabrizio Bianco. Matthew Garrison liked the... »

  • What a trio: Edgar Meyer, Ray Brown and Victor Wooten

    Check out this amazing trio of bass greatness: Edgar Meyer, Ray Brown and Victor Wooten, in a 1991 performance. “Walk that dog!” Tip o’ the hat to The Double Bass Blog »

  • Max Link Quartet: Hummelflug

    We’ve been watching the Markbass Contest on Youtube (previously covered here) and ran into this gem by bassist Max Link and his quartet. Max doesn’t want double bassists left out: “The Markbass cmd 121 also sounding great with a double bass!” This video was recorded at Stadttheater in Fürth Germany and features Link on bass,... »