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  • Kevin Wyatt: Giant Steps

    I think most of the jazz-guys out there know John Coltrane’s classic Giant Steps. A challenging tune, as I’m sure many would agree. This is Kevin Wyatt shirtlessly doubling the bass part on his bass and Coltrane’s solo on his keyboard. [Editor’s note: when the walking bass part started, I almost fell out of my... »

  • Jason Matthews: Wizards in Winter

    Jason Matthews: Wizards in Winter

    In 2006, Trans-Siberian Orchestra launched a Youtube contest for the best/most original covers of their song “Wizards In Winter”. One one winner from each of the following categories was chosen: drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. The winner in the bass category was Jason Matthews, who took an interesting approach: basically playing both the bass part... »

  • Ian Enderson: Bass exercise in G minor

    Bassist Ian Enderson submitted this video to our Youtube group, and we were glad he did. Check it Ian’s tone on this excercise, and we think you’ll agree: Do you have a video you’d like to share? Send it our way. »

  • Fender Bass Bash Jam

    We admit it… if you post a video of multi-bass bands, we’re likely to feature it here. This video was filmed at Fender Mexico’s theater in 2008, featuring Motown bass legend Bob Babbitt, Bobby Vega, Christopher Maloney and Ivan Barrera on bass, Jeff Kollman on guitar and Nick DVirgilio on drums. This one starts slow,... »

  • Alain Caron Solo Bass Slap

    Check out Alain Caron with “Le Band”, Alain’s project from the mid-90’s. This tune, “Slam The Clown” is from the album Rhythm ‘N Jazz. If you’re interested, Alain also has a Rhythm ‘n Jazz Ultimate Play-Along for Bass instruction book and CD to help you figure it all out. »

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  • David Ellefson Rock Shop: The Discipline of Practice

    David Ellefson Rock Shop: The Discipline of Practice

    David Ellefson, bassist for F5, continues with his Rock Shop series on YouTube with “The Discipline of Practice”. Ellefson explains the many benefits to disciplined practice and ways to make the process enjoyable as well as productive. »

  • Adam Nitti: Skitzo

    If there was ever the perfect name for a song, this is it. What an intro! Check out Adam Nitti playing his composition, Skitzo, from the Balance CD. »

  • Michael Manring: Giant Steps

    Today’s video features bassist Michael Manring nailing John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”, with the help of Jamie Findlay on guitar, Barry Gurley on piano and David Tull on drums. Enjoy! »

  • Marcus Miller: SMV solo & Michael Jackson Tribute

    Marcus Miller takes a solo break during a recent SMV concert at The Olympia in Paris, France (the show was on July 3, 2009). During the solo, Marcus quotes Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and the Jackson 5’s “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)”, and even grabs the bass clarinet for part of the performance.... »

  • Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld: Big Block

    There have been many videos circulating of bassist Tal Wilkenfeld with Jeff Beck, and we’ve covered a few. This one, a live performance of “Big Block” during the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago might just be our favorite: »