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  • David Ellefson Rock Shop: The Discipline of Practice

    David Ellefson Rock Shop: The Discipline of Practice

    David Ellefson, bassist for F5, continues with his Rock Shop series on YouTube with “The Discipline of Practice”. Ellefson explains the many benefits to disciplined practice and ways to make the process enjoyable as well as productive. »

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  • Adam Nitti: Skitzo

    If there was ever the perfect name for a song, this is it. What an intro! Check out Adam Nitti playing his composition, Skitzo, from the Balance CD. »

  • Michael Manring: Giant Steps

    Today’s video features bassist Michael Manring nailing John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”, with the help of Jamie Findlay on guitar, Barry Gurley on piano and David Tull on drums. Enjoy! »

  • Marcus Miller: SMV solo & Michael Jackson Tribute

    Marcus Miller takes a solo break during a recent SMV concert at The Olympia in Paris, France (the show was on July 3, 2009). During the solo, Marcus quotes Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and the Jackson 5’s “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)”, and even grabs the bass clarinet for part of the performance.... »

  • Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld: Big Block

    There have been many videos circulating of bassist Tal Wilkenfeld with Jeff Beck, and we’ve covered a few. This one, a live performance of “Big Block” during the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago might just be our favorite: »

  • Happy Fourth

    Happy Fourth

    As we celebrate Independence Day today in the U.S., we decided to look around for videos of Jaco Pastorius performing his landmark arrangement of “America The Beautiful”, aka “Amerika”. Along the way, we discovered this gem by bassist Neftali L√≥pez: Have a safe and happy Fourth! »

  • Tom Kennedy & the Dave Weckl Band: The Chicken

    Check out Tom Kennedy taking care of business on “The Chicken”, a song most people think was written by Jaco Pastorius. (It was written by Pee Wee Ellis, a member of James Brown’s band, though Jaco made it famous). Holy smokes! »

  • Damian Erskine & Ray Riendeau: Bright Sized Life

    After a day of teaching at Mile High Bass Camp, Damian Erskine and Ray Riendeau took a break to play together. In this segment, Damian solos over Pat Metheny’s “Bright Sized Life”. The only problem with this video is that it isn’t long enough. I wonder if Damian picked up something from the bassist on... »

  • Jeff Schmidt: “From Under the Weight of Knowing” Live Solo Bass

    Jeff Schmidt: “From Under the Weight of Knowing” Live Solo Bass

    Someone said “Michael Hedges’ devil’s advocate plays electric bass, and his name is Jeff Schmidt.” We can’t think of a better way to describe it, so here goes… Jeff Schmidt, performing “From Under the Weight of Knowing” live at Solo Bass Night in Berkeley, California in 2006. »

  • Paul Gray interview and Slipknot tour details

    Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was recently interviewed when the band played at Hovefestivalen outside the city of Arendal, Norway. A two week summer tour is in the works for Slipknot starting August 22 in Seattle, Washington. Tickets are on sale now! Check out the Slipknot HQ for more details. »